Yangjiashanli Pastoral Complex: Building a Model Qingdao Benchmark for Rural Revitalization in Qilu

On the morning of April 23, 2022, the first Yangjiashan dialect Revitalization Pastoral Life Festival, jointly organized by Tieshan Sub-district Office of Qingdao West Coast New District and Qingdao Rongyuan Yangjiashanli Investment and Development Co., Ltd., was held in Yangjiashanli Pastoral Meeting Room of Tieshan Street, marking a new step in the market-oriented operation of Yangjiashanli, a municipal pastoral complex in Qingdao.



This pastoral life festival takes inspiration pastoral, creation paradise, green collar life and homesickness sojourn as the core cultural concepts of the four major brands, connecting Yangjiashan's natural ecological nature and scattered pastoral scenery, with rich and diverse agricultural tourism activities, special agricultural and sideline products display, new agricultural industry promotion and other forms, to create a 3.0 version of new rural formats and promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas, to provide consumers with a new way of life to experience the countryside, recall homesickness and return to nature, so as to meet the diversified and personalized needs of consumers.



In recent years, Qingdao West Coast New area has thoroughly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on "solidly implementing the strategy of rural revitalization and creating a model of Qilu for rural revitalization." focus on the general requirements of industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance and affluent life, through government guidance, market operation and multi-party participation, pry social capital to participate in rural revitalization in an orderly manner. Plan and build a municipal pastoral complex in Yangjiashan, A road of rural revitalization and development with unique local characteristics has been preliminarily explored.


Planning lead, foundation first
Ensuring the realization of the "Trinity"



Yangjiashanli Pastoral Complex is located in the valley surrounded by Tietong Mountain, Sleeping Niu Mountain and Yueji Mountain in Tieshan Street of Qingdao West Coast New District, with a planned area of about 20 square kilometers, including 8 villages in Tieshan Street and a total population of about 3100 people. In 2019, under the guidance of the New District Working Committee, the Management Committee, and the District Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Tieshan Street, the state-owned enterprise Rongfa Group of Qingdao West Coast New District and the private enterprise Qingdao Yuancheng Holding Development Group jointly established a joint venture company Qingdao Rongyuan Yangjiashanli Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Project Company"), adhering to the integration of planning guidance, foundation first, improving functions, cultivating industries, innovating mechanisms, and creating brands has opened the road to market-oriented operation of the Yangjiashanli pastoral complex.



In the early planning and design process, with the development concept of "protecting ecology, cultivating industry, guiding according to the situation, co construction and sharing", we will build an innovation and entrepreneurship platform for talents returning home, capital going to the countryside, and industrial integration and development, so as to truly realize the beautiful countryside of "three life synchronization" of production and life ecology, "three production integration" of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and "trinity" of agricultural and cultural tourism. To this end, the project company has visited many times and widely listened to the opinions of villagers, collected and excavated local story materials, refined the historical and cultural essence of Yangjiashan, implemented the action of improving the living environment according to village and local conditions, promoted the expansion and quality improvement of beautiful rural construction, made efforts to give full play to its unique natural resources of "original village, original water and original ecology", and promoted the improvement of both the color value and connotation of Yangjiashan pastoral complex.



At present, a total of about 0.287 billion yuan has been invested, more than 10 kilometers of external transportation roads have been opened, and idyllic life sections such as idyllic co-creation schools, idyllic reception halls, idyllic residence courtyards, and idyllic workshops have been built, and commercial clothing such as "food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment" have been continuously improved.

In order to fight the "first battle" of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, Yangjiashanli pastoral complex has comprehensively strengthened infrastructure construction and started land transfer work. At present, 3000 mu of land has been transferred, which not only improves the appearance of the village, but also invigorates the internal driving force of the rural economy. Every spring, cherry blossoms bloom all over the mountains, bringing a steady stream of popularity to Yangjiashan, becoming a three-dimensional business card in Yangjiashan, promoting the development of the cultural and tourism industry, and attracting a large number of tourists to clock in, walk on the mountain to see the beautiful scenery, and enjoy and share the idyllic beauty of Yangjiashan Village.



After unremitting efforts, yang jiashanli won many honors such as "the first place in the mid-term evaluation of Qingdao pastoral complex project in 2019", "Qingdao excellent urban and rural planning and design award in 2020", "the typical case of realizing the value of ecological products in 2021 promoted by Shandong natural resources department" and "the punch-in place for fashion scenic spots in Qingdao in 2021.


Dig into the huge potential of rural development
Tell a good village "field story"



"Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". In the process of rural revitalization, how to rationally allocate local characteristic resources and adhere to green environmental protection and sustainable development is an issue that rural revitalization developers and builders must pay attention. In accordance with the overall requirements of "connecting points into lines, connecting into pieces, and promoting as a whole", the project company adheres to the local actual situation, vigorously improves the living environment, makes every effort to promote the construction of beautiful villages in the whole region, and adopts the way of "village-oriented, household demonstration". Increase the publicity of the project, establish a publicity matrix, and gradually carry out market expansion and online service improvement.



Through guiding villagers to carry out the activities of creating high-quality roads and soliciting competitions, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and participation of farmers, develop creative agriculture, circular agriculture and ecological agriculture; integrate the tourism resources such as mountain water resources, original township style, rural folk customs, red culture, and the ruins of the Great Wall of Qi in the region, retain the texture of the original village, fully excavate the regional characteristic folk customs, and build a tourist market town and resort with IP of the new district, through the innovative implementation of the governance model of "investment in labor, investment and intelligence", we have created various distinctive homestays and supporting facilities, so that the Yangjiashanli pastoral complex project can go out of the mountains, onto the TV, and into the Internet, from "plain people" to "Internet celebrities", thus driving the regional economic development of Yangjiashanli.



Art stories revitalize rural construction and existing stories promote cultural inheritance, which is not only an important manifestation of cultural self-confidence, but also an important solid foundation for the healthy development of local society and economy. Nowadays, the development of the Yangjiashanli pastoral complex project provides an opportunity for further exploring the huge potential of rural development. Among them, five pastoral hostels located in Yangjiashan have been put into operation, and 31 are under planning and construction. The overall promotion of the project will be driven by radiation from point to area. In the future, it will become a characteristic industry for the prosperity of Yangjiashan industry.


Answer the proposition of the era of rural revitalization.
Writing moving "Huimin beauty"



The key to rural revitalization is to let farmers play the main role. To this end, the government, project companies and villages have actively explored the Huimin project, and gradually formed a new pattern of dividend distribution management with wide coverage, clear objects and sufficient guarantee. By promoting the "progress of agriculture, rural areas and farmers" as an important guide for cooperation with offices, village collectives and villagers, the rights and interests of farmers and village collectives are protected in accordance with the way of "guaranteed income according to shares.



To strengthen the village collective economy and grasp the industrial revitalization, we will seize the "bull nose". The enterprise alliance represented by Rongfa Group, Qingdao Yuancheng holding Development Group and Qingdao Rongyuan Yangjiashanli Investment Development Co., Ltd. will vigorously develop the collective economy through investment cooperation, promote rural tourism, and expand and strengthen the leading rural industries. According to local conditions, we should make suggestions for villagers, do a good job in the construction of characteristic commercial streets, encourage villagers to start businesses at home, and build agricultural brands with the help of cherry, mountain chestnut, persimmon and other characteristic crops, so as to create new growth points for the village collective economy. In addition, we will explore the operation mode and mechanism of establishing special cooperatives and land stock cooperatives, and promote the village collective to establish rural cooperatives, To achieve win-win results.

Driven by industry and linked with agriculture, the road to prosperity in Yangjiashan has become wider and wider. In 2021, the number of tourists in Yangjiashan exceeded 300000, and the peak season exceeded 70000; the per capita annual income of farmers in the region exceeded 1200 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20%.



"Don't let people boast of good colors, just leave the air full of Gankun". In the next step, the West Coast New area will closely focus on the goal of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and synchronization of three lives", constantly improve the supporting facilities of Yangjiashan, such as "food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment", realize the operation of various platforms such as brand and sales, as well as tourist centers and residential properties, constantly explore institutional innovation, create a model Qingdao benchmark for rural revitalization of Qilu, and create a national 4A tourist scenic spot. Strive for a national pastoral complex demonstration pilot, compose a new picture of rural revitalization in the new era!

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