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National Security, Everyone's Responsibility-Rongfa Group Launches National Security Education Day Theme Activities

In order to comprehensively study and implement the overall national security concept and improve the national security awareness of young employees, on the occasion of the seventh national security education day for all, the Youth League Committee of Rongfa Group organized youth members to come to Qingdao Internet Information Integration Innovation Industrial Base and Qingdao overall national security The theme exhibition hall receives the theme education of national security education for the whole people, and educates and guides the majority of employees to enhance the national security awareness and risk prevention awareness of the whole people, and establish the overall national security concept.,



This event is closely related to the theme of "strengthening the overall national security concept, feeling the achievements of national security in the new era, and creating a good atmosphere for the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China", focusing on political security, homeland security, economic security, social security, and scientific and technological security., Network security and other key areas of national security content, through pictures and text, this paper introduces in detail the formation and development process and core principles of the overall national security concept, the system of national security laws and regulations, the great significance of practicing the overall national security concept, and the Qingdao action to safeguard national security. It shows the new development of national security in the new era, further enhances the national security awareness of the cadres and workers within the group in the new era, Efforts should be made to promote the concept of great security to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and build a security "firewall".



Confidentiality work is a basic, overall, and long-term work. In recent years, Rongfa Group has implemented the requirements of the Party Central Committee's deployment, improved ideological understanding, strengthened system construction, standardized daily management, and continuously improved its ability to keep state secrets and corporate secrets. And level. The first is to strengthen learning and education, include the overall national security concept in the group's legal construction work plan, and comprehensively improve the awareness of cadres and employees to abide by the law by formulating the "Network Information Security Management System" and organizing all employees to sign confidentiality agreements. The second is to implement work responsibilities, adhere to the principles of unified leadership, combination of specialists and groups, both symptoms and root causes, and prevention first, strengthen the main responsibility of the group party organization to perform anti-rape and anti-espionage, build a strong defense line of secrecy, strictly observe secrecy discipline, and implement secrecy requirements. Ensure foolproof. The third is to conduct in-depth publicity and guidance, carry out national security publicity and education on a regular basis, continuously consolidate the national security publicity position, build a high-quality national security cultural corridor in the Navy Park, and a theme exhibition hall on the overall national security concept of Qingdao, and polish the distinctive national security education and publicity The cultural business card creates a strong atmosphere of "anti-rape and anti-espionage, everyone is responsible.

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