Taking "Training" as a Precautionary Plan for the War-Rongfa Municipal Administration Promotes the Standardization of Flood Control and Typhoon Prevention Work to Promote the Improvement of Ability and Style

In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the central government, provinces and municipalities on production safety, make every effort to do a good job in production safety and flood prevention and flood preparedness, combined with the group's "work style ability improvement year" safety hidden danger investigation and rectification activities, improve the rapid response ability and actual combat ability, on the afternoon of April 14, Rongfa Group Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. carried out the "2022 flood prevention and typhoon emergency drill".


This exercise started from actual combat, strengthened the actual organization and command capabilities of flood prevention and emergency rescue, and tested the comprehensive level of coordinated operations of various units to deal with emergencies. The exercise is divided into six exercise subjects: rescue team assembly, opening the tide gate, emergency evacuation, emergency rescue, flood control sandbag stacking, and emergency drainage. A series of new equipment and new systems such as high-level cameras and underground liquid level detection were used in the exercise, and wisdom was empowered on the basis of traditional subjects.



Through this exercise, the actual combat ability of each emergency rescue team to deal with emergencies has been trained, the knowledge and skills of emergency rescue have been better popularized, and the team's ability to deal with flood prevention and emergency response has been comprehensively improved, and important experience has been accumulated for dealing with various dangerous situations in flood situation. In the next stage, Rongfa Group will highlight the effectiveness of training, improve professionalism, fully promote the implementation of various measures for safety production, eliminate safety hazards, and use practical, practical, and actual performance to demonstrate the improvement of ability and style, and ensure the normal production of the jurisdiction life.

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