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The theoretical learning center group of the party Committee of Rongfa group launched a special study seminar on the "year of improving style and ability"

On the morning of April 7, according to the arrangement of "big learning" for the "year of style and ability improvement" activity, the theoretical learning center group of the party Committee of Rongfa group held a special study and discussion on the "year of style and ability improvement" activity. Group Party Secretary, Chairman Zhang Jinlou presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. The leader of the 12th Tour Supervision Team of the "Year of Improving Style and Ability" of the New District Working Committee and District Committee attended the meeting to guide him. The leading group of the Party committee of the group participated in the study and discussion.

The members of the Party Committee Theory Center Group collectively studied General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the construction of work style capabilities, and reviewed the work requirements of the provincial party committee's "strict, real, and fast" and the city's "work style ability improvement year" mobilization meeting, and the whole district's "work style" Ability Promotion Year "activity promoted the spirit of the meeting. We talked about our understanding and understanding in combination with the learning content, and put forward the ideas and measures for the next improvement and promotion in combination with the group's annual work objectives, key tasks and key work in their respective fields.


Rongfa Group not only undertakes the national strategy of integration and innovation, but also undertakes major tasks such as the development and construction of the West Coast New District and the core area of Guzhenkou and industrial investment. Leading cadres should take the lead in improving their political positions, fully understand the importance, necessity, and urgency of carrying out the "year of improving work style and ability," and unify their thinking and actions with the decision-making and deployment of their superiors. It is necessary to take the lead in strengthening theoretical arms and knowledge learning, and in accordance with the principle of "learning what to do and making up for what is lacking", enrich professional knowledge, improve professional level, improve ability and literacy, and realize the combination of learning and doing, and the combination of learning and application. We should adhere to the goal orientation, problem orientation and result orientation, and comprehensively improve the style ability of "stressing politics in everything, seeking for the masses, focusing on practical results, and striving for first-class success". We should create an entrepreneurial atmosphere of daring to take responsibility, innovation, real work and honesty, and contribute to the construction of the new area in the new era of socialist modernization demonstration and leading area, to greet the victory of the Party's 20th National Congress with practical actions.


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