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Rongfa Group: Remembering the new journey of heroic ambition.


The spring breeze sends warm, and it meets the Qingming Festival. In order to review the red history, inherit the red gene, and carry forward the fine cultural tradition, on April 2, under the organization and guidance of the group's Party committee, the Youth League Committee of Rongfa group carried out the theme activity of "remembering the revolutionary martyrs and carrying forward the national spirit", deeply cherishing the revolutionary martyrs and stimulating the main theme of the struggle force in a green and civilized way.

During the event, the majority of youth members actively logged on to the Chinese Heroes Network and Qingdao Civilization Network to participate in the memorial activities, and expressed their nostalgia for the revolutionary martyrs by bowing to the heroes and martyrs and presenting flowers on the Internet. At the same time, everyone also logged on to the website to write a message from the cloud, and the online "cloud" visited the Revolutionary Memorial Hall to recall the past and cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs.

The remembrance is for better inheritance. Through this activity, the vast number of Youth League members broke through the barriers of time and space, looked back on the immortal deeds of the revolutionary martyrs, realized the fine style of revolutionary martyrs who were not afraid of hardships and dangers and worked hard, advocated the new style of civilization, gathered the strength of struggle, and enhanced everyone's sense of national pride and patriotic enthusiasm.

This year marks the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League and the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The Youth League Committee of Rongfa group will closely focus on the central work of the Party committee of the group, strengthen the organizational construction, build the Youth League Committee into a strong fortress to unite and mobilize young people, guide the Youth League members to further transform their love for the party and patriotism into national aspirations and strong national actions, consciously practice the sonorous oath of "please rest assured of the party and strengthen the country with me", based on the actual situation of the post, Promote the style and ability to achieve practical results, Practice, inject youthful vitality into the group's strength, excellence and expansion and the high-quality development of the new district.


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