Keep your feet on the ground and practice your first heart, plant trees to protect the green and welcome the new chapter.


The spring breeze is warm and green. In order to effectively strengthen the construction of ecological environment protection, enhance the awareness of afforestation and ecological environment protection of the whole people, and enhance the unity of the military, government, military and civilians, on April 8, some cadres and employees of the Guzhenkou Core District Management Committee and Rongfa Group, and a certain garrison were doing a good job. Under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, jointly launched the tree planting theme practice activity of "voluntary tree planting into military barracks, military and military port city, we will jointly practice the development concept of" green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains "and add new green to the core area of the beautiful ancient town entrance.



The scene of tree planting activities is in full swing, we have a clear division of labor, mutual cooperation, close cooperation, some shuttling back and forth to carry saplings, some waving shovels to dig pits to fill the soil, some carrying water to irrigate seedlings ...... will be full of vitality and hope of the saplings planted in the ground. Through the joint efforts of everyone, more than 600 green seedlings such as whitebark pine, cherry blossom, crape myrtle and begonia stood in the soil of spring, and the small trees were arranged neatly and stood in the wind. The originally desolate land now presents a new scene of green, which is particularly "eye-catching" under the embellishment of "navy blue". After the event, the head of the army presented the banner of "military and civilian work together to build a green barracks, military and local work together to build a beautiful new area" to the Guzhenkou core area management committee and Rongfa group respectively, thanking the Guzhenkou core area and Rongfa group for their concern and support for the army over the years.



Since the core area of Guzhenkou carried out in-depth double support and co-construction activities, Rongfa Group has responded quickly, actively cooperated with the joint construction of a green military port city, practiced the concept of green development with actions, and jointly set off afforestation and greening. Up to now, more than 100 mu of trees have been planted.



In the next step, Rongfa Group will vigorously promote ecological empowerment actions, sow green, sow civilization, keep green mountains and green water flowing, help enterprises to develop sustainably, and make positive contributions to beautifying the city appearance and creating a livable and industrial environment in the core area of the ancient town entrance.


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