Rongfa Group: Implement the "Style Ability Promotion Year" activity to speed up the construction of the Rongfa Building project to create a new carrier of the science and technology industry.


On March 30, QTV-1 Qingdao News broadcast the TV news of Rongfa Group's "Implementing the" Year of Improving Style and Ability "to Speed up the Construction of Rongfa Building Project and Build a New Carrier of Science and Technology Innovation Industry". The text is as follows:

Project construction is the "lifeline" of economic and social development ". As a key project in Qingdao, the Rongfa Building project located in the West Coast New District is currently accelerating construction. After completion, it will add a new carrier for the development of science and technology innovation industry in Qingdao.

Reporter Han Rubing: This is the construction site of the Rongfa Building project in the West Coast New District. At present, the workers are carrying out the construction of the floor steel bar binding. Since the full resumption of the project on February 7, more than 300 workers have been working intensively every day. The project adopts the twin tower layout and will become a landmark building in the core area of Guzhenkou after completion.

Xin Shuliang, Project Manager of Rongfa Group in West Coast New District: Rongfa Building was in the foundation and foundation construction stage before the project. Tower A and Tower B of the two towers are undergoing raft reinforcement binding construction, which is expected to be completed in May this year, and then the construction of the underground three-storey structure will be carried out.

Rongfa Building Project is located in the core area of Guzhenkou, with a total investment of about 3 billion yuan. Construction started in November last year. The project adopts the layout of twin towers, with a height of 202 meters on the northern tower A and 172.4 meters on the southern tower B. During the construction, the construction team adopted a series of new technologies and methods: tilt photography technology and Al video hazard source identification technology can be monitored and warned 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of on-site construction personnel; Intelligent robot line measurement to further reduce construction errors.



Reporter Han Rubing: The Rongfa Building project is 202 meters high. During the construction process, Tekla model was used for the detailed design of frame nodes and BIM visualization disclosure, thus improving the construction quality and ensuring the safety of the building.

Li Xiaowu, Chief Engineer of Rongfa Building Project of China Railway Construction Group: Three-dimensional modeling of complex nodes is carried out, and the existing centralized intersection of steel bars and steel structures is solved before deepening the design. Through visual disclosure, more intuitive disclosure is made to the workers to ensure that the operation and construction are in place at one time and completed with good quality and quantity.

One hand to grasp the project construction, the other hand to grasp the epidemic prevention and control. Since the occurrence of this round of the epidemic, under the guidance of relevant departments, Rongfa Group quickly set up an epidemic prevention and control headquarters, from the killing, personnel management, living materials security and other aspects of strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, living security materials by special personnel to go out to buy, construction sites regularly kill, to achieve safe coverage without dead ends.



Chen Feng, Minister of Engineering Management Department of Rongfa Group in West Coast New District: At least four times a day, dispatch and kill key parts such as office areas, dormitories, canteens and densely populated places, reduce personnel flow, do a good job in personnel investigation, and carry out nucleic acid testing for all employees as required.

Under the protection of strict prevention and control measures, construction personnel race against time to ensure that the construction of the project does not stop one day, to achieve epidemic prevention and control, project construction "two hands" "two hands hard". It is expected that the main body of the project will be capped by the end of this year. After it is put into use, it will focus on attracting high-tech and high-growth enterprises such as finance and scientific research to settle in, adding a new carrier for the development of science and technology innovation industry in Qingdao.

Ding Zhaobin, Assistant to the General Manager of Rongfa Group in West Coast New District: To build a headquarters economic base, after all enterprises reach production, they can achieve an annual output value of more than 0.6 billion yuan and a tax revenue of more than 0.1 billion yuan. They will improve the construction of supporting facilities in the core area of Guzhenkou, optimize the environment for attracting investment, help the new district "double recruitment and double introduction", and accelerate the high-quality development of marine economy in the new district.

Work hard to climb the heights, build a "horseshoe emergency", the West Coast New Area has made every effort to tackle major project construction tasks. This year, 750 new construction projects have been started, with a total investment of 260 billion billion yuan, and more than 20 new Fortune 500 investment projects have been introduced, covering intelligent manufacturing and headquarters economy, Marine biology, infrastructure construction and other 9 key industrial chains, high-level project construction injects strong momentum into high-quality development.

West Coast New District Housing and Construction Bureau Safety Supervision Section Chief Teng Houling: The next step, the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control and safety production work, and effectively achieve "two hands, two not wrong", for the construction of the project to provide more detailed, more solid and more accurate services, to promote the construction progress, to ensure that the project early landing, early start, early production.


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