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"Branch Life" magazine reported on the party building experience and practice of "making good use of" three sets of addition "to enhance" red three forces "of the party branch of Rongfa Group Engineering Center

Sponsored by the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, the "Branch Life" magazine issued by the 2022 03 issue of the Party branch of the Engineering Center of the Financing Group "Make Good Use of" Three Sets of Additions "to Promote" Red Three Forces "" Party Building Experience and Practice. The text is as follows:

Qingdao Rongfa Group is a state-owned enterprise specially established in Qingdao West Coast New District in response to the national strategy of integration and innovation, and is the main force in the development and construction of the core area of the ancient town entrance of the integration and innovation demonstration zone. The Party Branch of the Engineering Center of Rongfa Group insists on making good use of the "three sets of additions" and enhancing the "red three forces", which provides important support and guarantee for the implementation of the national strategy in the core area of Guzhenkou.

Make good use of "learning" to improve combat effectiveness

The Engineering Center of Rongfa Group has undertaken 55 provincial and municipal engineering projects, with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan, involving a construction area of 30 square kilometers, with a wide range of points and heavy tasks. The branch insists on making good use of "learning", and all party members use learning to promote work and stimulate new impetus for project construction.

Party members learn to think and practice to understand the full coverage, broaden the breadth of education. The branch has joined more than 60 participating units to jointly carry out the theme education of "Do not forget your initiative mind, Keeping in mind the mission" and the study and education of party history. It has moved the party classes, lectures and theme party day activities to the front line of the project so that all party members can learn deeply and thoroughly.

Create a new highland for party member education and enhance the depth of education. The West Coast New area is not only an important coastal defense town, but also an old revolutionary base, with obvious advantages in the superposition of party building resources such as red, marine, and national defense. The branch makes full use of characteristic party building resources, adopts research and development, experience observation, situational classes and other forms to guide party members to continuously enhance party spirit, bravely be a model of adhering to the truth and ideals, and be the vanguard of absolute loyalty, absolute purity, and absolute reliability.

Combine business with real learning and thinking to promote practical work and enhance educational effectiveness. In combination with the study and education of party history, the branch has carried out the activities of "learning party history, remembering the first heart, increasing energy and promoting development" closely around the work arrangements of Qingdao's "project landing year", the new district's "breakthrough year" and the group's "economic benefit year" in 2021, so as to promote the resonance of study and education and project construction at the same frequency, setting off an upsurge of "big work and fast". all 55 projects under construction projects in 2021 have completed their annual targets.


Make good use of "standards" to improve organizational strength

Find the right assessment point. We will persist in promoting the standardization of grass-roots party organizations, formulate methods for the assessment and evaluation of party branches, strengthen the supervision and inspection of grass-roots party building work, and guide party members and cadres to take the lead in subcontracting the "hard bones" and "old difficulties." to ensure that the critical moment is "drawn, rushed, and won".

Find the key points. The branch has set up 10 vanguard posts of Party members and 8 youth commandos in the front line and key posts of project construction to ensure that where there is a hard battle, there will be party members and cadres to fight hard. We will continue to promote breakthroughs in the construction of key projects in provinces and cities such as the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Qingdao Rongfa High-end Materials Industrial Park. Since 2018, the total investment in fixed assets has been about 30 billion yuan, ranking first among Qingdao state-owned enterprises.

Find the right combination. The branch carried out party building joint construction with the West Coast New District Working Committee Party School, enterprises, helping towns and villages and other units to realize resource sharing and complementary advantages, and work together to create a new party building work of "mutual promotion of organizational construction, interaction of party members and cadres, and mutual integration of party building carriers" pattern.


Make good use of "typical" to enhance cohesion

Choose a typical tree to set a benchmark. Closely centering on the central work of key project construction and market-oriented operation undertaken by the enterprise, the branch carries out "innovation, entrepreneurship, creation" labor competition and "monthly star" selection, encouraging the broad masses of party members to become learning models, backbone of work, and pioneers in tackling key problems, forming an entrepreneurial atmosphere of "catching up with and surpassing.

Cultivate typical strong drive. Guide advanced models to keep pace with the times and achieve re-growth; improve the supervision and management of advanced models to achieve re-promotion; highlight the demonstration of advanced models to achieve re-innovation. Rely on the typical drive, guide party members to work hard to become the vanguard. In recent years, the engineering center has successively won more than 20 honors such as "Shandong Province High-quality Structural Project" and "Qingdao City Worker Pioneer"; party members have won the titles of "Shandong Province Outstanding Entrepreneur" and "Qingdao City Model Worker"; 13 engineering projects It has been included in the provincial and municipal key projects and has become a model for the construction of the national integrated innovation demonstration zone and the integration of the Jiaodong Economic Circle in Shandong Province.

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