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Gather epidemic prevention forces to build a solid red barrier-Rongfa Group resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control encounter resistance war annihilation war.

In the face of the current severe epidemic prevention and control situation, in order to ensure the stable situation of safe production and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work, the party committee of Rongfa Group conscientiously conveyed and implemented the requirements of the central, provincial and municipal governments on epidemic prevention and control work, strictly controlled, accurately implemented policies, acted quickly, and made every effort to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, so as to ensure that epidemic prevention and control and economic development are "two hands" two hands ".

Organization and leadership highlight the word "strong"


Strong organizational security, to achieve full action. The Party Committee of the Group insists on the leadership team to take the lead and the participation of all employees, turning the prevention and control of the epidemic into conscious action. Set up an epidemic prevention and control leading group at the first time to guide the whole group to carry out epidemic prevention and control related work; The epidemic prevention and control leading group consists of four epidemic prevention and control groups, each consisting of a group leader, three deputy group leaders and three group members. It divides the responsibility area, guides the elimination of responsible areas, personnel monitoring and other work, implements various requirements of epidemic prevention, and realizes safe coverage without dead corners. Strengthen the 24-hour emergency duty system, deploy a responsibility mechanism with members of the group's leadership team on duty as the main body, establish a daily reporting system, and report information related to epidemic prevention and control in a timely manner; at the same time, the epidemic prevention and control leading group held several work deployment meetings to promptly convey the requirements of superiors and coordinate the implementation of various tasks, formulated and issued the "Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in Epidemic Prevention and Control and Work Safety" and the "Emergency Plan for epidemic Prevention and" to complete various tasks during the epidemic prevention and control period.



Strengthen the leadership of party building and play a pioneering role. A branch is a fortress, a party member is a banner. Rongfa Group gave full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the party organization's fighting fortress and party members, mobilized party members, cadres, and youth members to resolutely implement the requirements of superior epidemic prevention and control, mobilized and deployed early, and carried out in-depth epidemic prevention and control volunteer activities. A total of 30 party members were set up Pioneer posts and 7 "Red Pioneer" party member volunteer service teams. While actively participating in epidemic prevention and control volunteer service activities, A total of 200 people participated in volunteer service, with a total of more than 100 hours of volunteer service. In addition, the group sent 20 party members and cadres to the core area of Guzhenkou and the first line of Wangtai Street to fight the epidemic. They cooperated with the epidemic prevention work such as bayonet control and killing, dissuading villagers from home isolation, and orderly carrying out nucleic acid testing. They really helped the epidemic prevention and control work in all aspects, highlighted the responsibility and responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and let the party flag fly high in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.



Strong prevention and control network, build a strong health line of defense. Give full play to the role of the group's epidemic prevention and control management system, sort out the list of personnel, carry out dragnet investigation, compare personnel information, ensure that the data are detailed and accurate, and no one is left behind, implement the daily health report of various departments, register and establish ledgers for foreign personnel and returning personnel, and implement 24-hour dynamic health monitoring; For complex places such as project sites, nucleic acid testing will be carried out in the first time, according to working hours, "Hua 'an Card" is issued for different types of work such as short-term workers and long-term workers to facilitate personnel management. Adhere to both epidemic situation and public opinion, strengthen public opinion collection, analysis, monitoring, research and judgment, adhere to positive publicity, guide employees not to believe rumors, not to spread rumors, not to forward unconfirmed false information on WeChat and QQ, do a good job in ideological work, and actively guide employees to prevent and control them rationally and control them, make full use of the group's public number, website and other carriers online WeChat group to forward official authoritative news, and do a good job in propaganda and public opinion guidance.


Work implementation highlights the word "high"

High efficiency of nucleic acid detection. The Party Committee of Rongfa Group attaches great importance to nucleic acid testing, carefully deploys, takes accurate measures, and carries out full-staff nucleic acid testing. In view of the characteristics of wide distribution of personnel and large base, the time is reasonably arranged, nucleic acid testing is carried out in departments, time periods and batches, and all of them are completed within 12 hours, so that they can be launched at the first time, summarized at the first time and reported at the first time, thus realizing the inspection and inspection without missing one person.

High standards for prevention and control training. In order to further enhance the Group's employees' emergency response capacity for the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, standardize the emergency response process for the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and improve employees' self-protection awareness and ability, Rongfa Group has carried out training on epidemic prevention and control knowledge, improved its ability to deal with the new pneumonia epidemic through training, further strengthened its own skills training, and comprehensively improved its business skills for epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, in order to strengthen publicity, the group also posted epidemic prevention and control tips in the office area to improve the awareness rate of employees on epidemic prevention knowledge and build a strong national health defense line.

High-quality overall economic development. Rongfa Group adheres to epidemic prevention and control and economic development "two hands, two hands hard", under the premise of good protection, the work of the organic integration into the style of ability to improve the special action, focus on the target tasks, refine specific measures, timely summary of experience and practices, progress and effectiveness, and continue to promote the standardization, normalization and long-term improvement of style and ability. At present, the Group is making every effort to promote the construction of 50 major projects with a total investment of about 27 billion yuan, such as the Rongfa Building, the high-end bearing Qingdao demonstration base of the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the "south extension and north extension" project of the naval road in the core area of the ancient town mouth, so as to grasp the epidemic prevention and control at the same time, but also to grasp the economy, promote development, to ensure a good start to ensure the first quarter.


Supervise and inspect to highlight the word "Chang"

Leadership supervision normalization. In order to fully consolidate the grassroots prevention and control responsibilities, the group's leadership team relied on the front command, insisted on problem-oriented, and carried out inspection and guidance work on a regular basis. Adopt the "four no two direct" approach to go deep into various departments, offices and subsidiaries, and carry out inspections on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work, the implementation of on-duty duty, and the filing of epidemic prevention and control data, further compacting work responsibilities and standardizing work The process has consolidated the work results and clarified the work ideas.

The normalization of departmental linkages. Under the unified dispatch of the Party Committee of the Group, the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Group takes the lead, and the comprehensive department, the safety and quality department, the engineering management department, the property company, the municipal company and other departments work together internally and externally to form a special epidemic prevention and control inspection team. It adheres to the epidemic inspection mechanism of "one inspection, one summary and one consultation per day", formulates three inspection lists for the epidemic prevention and control contents, and control, and continues to carry out supervision and inspection of the office area, focus on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, one-meter noodles, taking body temperature, and testing "two yards", and establish a dynamic ledger in accordance with the "list system responsibility schedule" to ensure that the responsibility for epidemic prevention and control is implemented.

The notification feedback is normalized. Rongfa Group will report the inspection in a timely manner. Issue 4 issues of the Supervision Bulletin, and include the completion of the epidemic prevention and control work in the year-end target management assessment. At the same time, actively use the "front-line cadre assessment method", insist on investigating and identifying cadres in practice, establish advanced models, boost the spirit of cadres, and effectively form a joint force for the prevention and control of the group.


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