Risk Prevention and Life Saving, Escort Growth-Rongfa Group's 2022 "I'm a Little Captain" Winter Camp Successfully Held

In order to actively respond to the Ministry of Education's proposal of "focusing on improving students' health literacy, focusing on popularizing first aid knowledge and skills, and aiming at improving campus emergency rescue capabilities, in-depth development of school emergency knowledge popularization, first aid facilities, first aid skills training, etc." Requirements, recently, jointly sponsored by the national (Qingdao) maritime risk prevention and life-saving training base, Qingdao rongfa cultural tourism development co., ltd. and go to research (Shandong) education information consulting co., ltd., the "risk prevention and life-saving, escort growth-Qingdao 2022 'I am a small captain' winter camp" was successfully held.



This winter camp adopts the form of "on-the-spot visit, on-the-spot explanation, simulation training and hands-on operation". Professional instructors lead the "small captain" to explore the national (Qingdao) maritime risk prevention and life-saving training base, learn to carry out coastal defense, rescue and life-saving, fire safety knowledge, and master safety first aid skills. The winter camp carefully set up the battle wound rescue experience, underwater robot (ROV) simulation training and other links, in the form of experience practical operation, pry the children's curiosity and enthusiasm, and guide them to master the basic skills and operation skills of emergency safety disposal. Helicopter rescue simulation training and ship danger driving simulation links have attracted everyone to try and cultivated elementary school students' interest in emergency rescue. Many students said that this winter camp has broadened their horizons and learned knowledge. The rich experience and entertaining form of immersive experience have benefited every "little captain.



In recent years, Rongfa Culture and Travel Company has been based on the core area of Guzhenkou in the West Coast New District of Qingdao, relying on the advantages of high-quality red resources, marine resources and military resources in the West Coast New District of Qingdao, combined with the study and education of party history, to tell red stories, strengthen national defense education and spread marine culture, we have built five bases, including the strategic thought propaganda base (Guzhenkou Exhibition Hall), the former barracks site learning base, the naval history expo base (Naval Park and Naval History Museum), the national security training base, and the marine science education base. We have launched a number of special tourism products and research routes with seafood, strong military flavor and mellow flavor, won the "Shandong Province Red Research Base", "Shandong Province Primary and Secondary School Student Research Base", "Shandong Province Marine Awareness Education Base", "Qingdao City Patriotism Education Base", "Qingdao City Primary and Secondary School Student Research Travel Base", "Qingdao West Coast" Honorary titles such as "New District Party History Learning and Education Base. It has received nearly 500 batches of various inspection and learning activities, with about 20000 people, which has injected new impetus into the promotion and upgrading of cultural tourism and high-quality economic and social development in Qingdao West Coast New Area.



In the next step, Rongfa Culture and Tourism Company will continue to closely follow the strategic mission of Qingdao West Coast New area and adhere to the purpose of "telling red stories, spreading marine culture, and integrating innovative development". We will promote the organic combination of red tourism, marine science popularization, national defense education, characteristic party building, rural revitalization, cultural and sports activities, research and education, and strive to create a national national national defense education base and a national research and education base for primary and secondary school students, create a new business card of "marine education red research" to better serve the national strategy.

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