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Build a solid security line of defense and consolidate the foundation of development | Rongfa Group to carry out pre-holiday safety production inspection

In order to ensure the orderly development of safety production management during the Spring Festival, Rongfa Group recently launched a series of pre-holiday safety production inspection activities, and went all out to ensure safety production and service before and after the Spring Festival, build a strong safety line of defense, and ensure that the holiday period The safety situation is stable and orderly.



Safety in production focuses on implementation. In order to do a good job in safety precautions, on-duty and emergency guarantees during the holiday season, on January 27, 2022, Rongfa Group will work together to consolidate the main responsibilities and organize special inspection teams to the Rongfa Building, Gymnasium, Zhushanyi and other projects. Carry out self-inspection and self-correction of hidden dangers in production safety, strictly implement safety and epidemic prevention and control measures, and strengthen the safety management of projects under construction. The inspection team requires all projects to closely focus on the goal of safety production responsibility, adhere to the problem orientation, in-depth analysis and judgment, solid implementation of safety precautions and safety loophole sorting work, and comprehensive implementation of safety production work.



Since 2021, Rongfa Group has continuously strengthened its maintenance and service functions with "inspection, protection and promotion" activities as the carrier, and the role of safety group prevention and control has been brought into full play. The group has carried out safety education and training for 900 people in various forms and for different posts, continuously sorted out and rectified safety problems and hidden dangers, further consolidated the safety line of defense, and achieved "zero accidents" in production safety throughout the year ". The Group won the "2020-2021 Qingdao" Ankang Cup "Competition Winner Unit", organized employees to actively participate in the West Coast New District Federation of Trade Unions safety hazard investigation rationalization proposal excellent case declaration, put forward 24 safety production rationalization proposals, won the first prize, excellence award.



In the next step, Rongfa Group will continue to consolidate its work responsibilities, establish a supervision pattern of safety production vertical to the end, horizontal to the side, and joint management, comprehensively promote the legalization, standardization, and refinement of safety production work, and build a solid "lifeline" of safety production ".

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