Jinglu Shipmaking Industry Completed Two Major Production Nodes on the Same Day, Handing Over Bright Report Card

On January 25, the first 7600DWT bulk carrier built by Jinglu Shipbuilding for Fujian Dongyi Shipping was successfully docked. The ship is a new generation of energy-saving domestic trade bulk carrier, which has the advantages of large deadweight, high utilization rate of cargo warehouse volume and good cargo adaptability. The upper building adopts low wind resistance design and is equipped with energy-saving hub cap fins to effectively reduce the energy consumption of the ship. Flap rudder is installed at the tail, which has good maneuverability and can take into account the navigation of busy inland waterways.


On the same day, the naming and delivery ceremony of 63500DWT bulk carrier built by Jinglu Shipping Industry was held in the park. The ship was named "SANTANDER" and was the 32nd ship built by Jinglu Shipping Industry for the Greek Laskaridis family. Representatives of shipowners, manager of BV Classification Society's Great North District, leaders of Yantai Bank and relevant representatives of Jinglu Shipping Industry attended the ceremony.



High-quality delivery is inseparable from a complete and professional shipbuilding repair system. In recent years, Jinglu Shipbuilding has led leapfrog development driven by innovation, continuously optimized product structure, improved management system, and realized the two-pronged approach of refined shipbuilding management and standardization of ship repair services. Diversified layout, promote the development of the main business, and enhance brand competitiveness. In 2021, the completion of shipbuilding in Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry will exceed 460000 dwt. The data of new orders, hand-held orders and shipbuilding completion will reach a new high. The realization rate of each major production node will reach 100 on schedule, and all ships will be delivered on schedule. The ships built will not only face the domestic market but also be exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as Sweden, Germany and Greece. With advanced performance, safe and reliable quality, it has won high recognition from shipowners and ship charterers.



In the new year, Jinglu Shipbuilding will continue to adhere to the leadership of party building, continue to promote the construction of the "Far-reaching Sea Support Base Project", and actively integrate into the country's "new development pattern with domestic large cycles as the main body and domestic and international double cycles promoting each other". While doing a good job in traditional foreign trade business, it will increase the demand for domestic customers and give full play to the advantages of the industrial chain integrating ship type research and development, ship maintenance, design and construction, promote reform and innovation to promote development, further improve the core competitiveness of the main business, help the construction of Jiaodong's economic integration circle, and present the victory of the Party's 20th National Congress with outstanding achievements.

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