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Rongfa Group Trade Union Stries to Build Worker's Home Trusted by Workers

Recently, the Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions released the 2021 Qingdao City "New Era Worker's Home" selection list, Rongfa Group's trade union list. According to the overall requirements of Shandong Federation of Trade Unions and Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions on strengthening the standardized construction of workers' home positions, after extensive recommend and selection, a total of 10 grass-roots trade unions are 2021 "Qingdao New Era Top Ten Worker's Home", 50 grass-roots trade unions are 2021 "Qingdao New Era Worker's Home", and 10 comrades are 2021 "Qingdao New Era Top Ten Worker's Family".



In recent years, the trade union of Rongfa Group has taken "serving the masses of workers and the development of enterprises" as its general starting point, promoted the sound organization of trade unions, improved the level of standardized construction of trade unions, and made every effort to build a "workers' home" trusted by employees. guide the broad masses of workers to adapt to the new situation, undertake new missions, show new achievements, and promote new breakthroughs in major projects and enterprise reform and development, contribute wisdom and strength to the implementation of the national strategy for the new area and the development and construction of the core area of the ancient town.



The trade union of Rongfa Group thoroughly implements the important directive spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping that "trade union cadres should be tempered into mothers who listen to the party, follow the party, and trust the workers and the masses", and adhere to the leadership of the party building brand of "sunshine and development, dedication to me". Strengthen the construction of trade unions in terms of politics, organization, and system, combine improving the awareness of serving employees with improving the executive power of trade union cadres, and strive to create a good working atmosphere. Adhere to the correct leadership of the group party committee over the trade union, incorporate trade union activities into the overall situation of party building work, realize party-worker coordination, joint construction and sharing, and effectively promote the innovative development of trade union work.



We will continue to promote the institutionalization, standardization and legalization of trade union work. Rongfa Group has improved the organizational structure of the trade union, established and improved rules and regulations, equipped with trade union members, built a strong trade union leadership team, and established an enterprise democratic management system based on the workers' congress. All matters related to the interests of employees, the workers' congress will be held to solicit opinions. Through a series of democratic management, the awareness of the majority of employees to participate in the management of enterprises has been enhanced, and the construction of democratic management of enterprises has been strengthened. In order to enhance the trust and understanding between enterprises and employees, the trade union of the group continues to promote the publicity of enterprise affairs, and timely publicizes the use of membership fees, system revision and evaluation, so as to further stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of cadres and workers to participate in the high-quality development of the group. Strictly implement labor laws, improve the trade union female employee committee and the trade union fund review committee, provide organizational guarantees for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and effectively promote the implementation of the "Trade Union Law" and "Labor Law" in enterprises.



The trade union of the group adheres to the work around the development center of the group, strengthens the construction of spiritual civilization, continuously innovates and carries out characteristic activities, condenses the development vitality of the enterprise, establishes the internal publication of "sunshine fusion", polishes the brand of "staff bookstore", and promotes the learning and exchange of employees; carries out the selection of "monthly star" and sets up the honor list to promote the integration of enterprise culture construction and ideological and ideological and political work; Carry out regular labor competition, cultivate and discover high-skilled talents for enterprises; organize employee basketball teams, tug-of-war teams and other interest groups to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the group system employees; carry out a series of cultural activities with the theme of "Our Festival" every year to strengthen cultural confidence and build a strong ideological position; At the same time, actively participate in various activities held in the new district, organize employees to participate in the "Chinese Dream · New Era · Talk about a well-off society" organized by Qingdao City and the new district, the "Labor I am the Most Beautiful" online video contest, the "Poverty Alleviation Short Video" story collection, the "I Love My Home" video challenge, and the "Langya" Literature Award "selection and other activities, 3 employees won the 3rd prize in the people's propaganda competition, and the company won the excellent organization award, enriching the spiritual and cultural life of employees, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise.



The group insists on building a warm enterprise, focusing on the three aspects of "implementing employee care, paying attention to employee health, and promoting employee growth" to do good things, do practical things, and solve problems for the employees. The state-owned enterprises in the region took the lead in setting up EAP employee psychological assistance studio to relieve employee pressure and enhance employee satisfaction and happiness in work and life. On major festivals, group leaders visit the homes of front-line employees, model workers, old party members, and employees in difficulties, and send the care of the company to them. At the same time, provide personalized care for employees, pay mutual insurance, set up special mutual aid funds, establish files for employees in difficulties, and carry out activities such as "charity one-day donation" to create a "happy family" for the people's livelihood, and continuously improve employees' sense of belonging and happiness. Organize and carry out physical examination activities regularly every year, care about the health of employees, track and record the health status of employees, and ensure that each employee can put into work with full enthusiasm and healthy body. Combined with the company's development strategy and business characteristics, customized training courses for the needs of employees, to create a platform for improving the ability of employees, to create a strong learning atmosphere, and to promote the overall quality of employees. In addition, the group trade union gives full play to the important role of grass-roots workers in production safety, carries out in-depth mass production safety activities of "checking hidden dangers around, ensuring the safety of workers, and promoting the development of enterprises", and moves the key point of promoting production safety forward and downward, so that every employee can play the role of safety officer to protect the life safety of employees and the healthy development of enterprises. Since this year, the group was awarded the winner of Qingdao's "ankang cup" competition. the safety and rationality suggestions and special essays published by many employees were commended by the west coast new district federation of trade unions, and the number of awards was in the forefront of state-owned enterprises in the new district.



The vitality of trade unions comes from employees, and the development of enterprises depends on employees. In the next step, the trade union of Rongfa Group will continue to improve the service center, the overall situation and the ability of the trade union based on the needs of the party and government, the expectations of the staff and the ability of the trade union, enhance the political, advanced and mass nature of the grass-roots trade union, give full play to the bridge role of the trade union organization, let the workers share the fruits of enterprise development, be the most trusted "mother's family" and intimate person, help the new area to implement the national strategy and the development and construction of the core area of Guzhenkou, and make new and greater contributions to Qingdao's construction of a modern international metropolis.

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