Rongfa Group: Strengthen Job Skills Training to Improve Staff's Business Quality

In order to further improve the business skills and quality capabilities of employees, Rongfa Group recently combined the company's development strategy and business characteristics, and in response to the needs of employees, carried out "Company Equity Acquisition Practice and Dispute Handling", "2021 Qingdao Real Estate Trend Analysis and Outlook Report", "Asphalt Pavement Quality Management and Related New Technology Introduction" and other series of trainings to build a learning, skilled and innovative enterprise.



The Legal Audit Department of the Group invited Wang Yubao, a lawyer from Shandong Changce Law Firm, to carry out a special training on "Practical Operation and Dispute Handling of Company Equity Acquisition. Focusing on the equity transfer business, Lawyer Wang introduced in detail the relevant legal provisions and common equity dispute handling methods from the aspects of shareholder qualification, equity proxy, shareholders' right of first refusal, and shareholders' capital contribution defects. During this period, through the combination of theory and practice, Mr. Wang deeply analyzed the common disputes and legal risks of equity transfer. At the same time, he put forward specific preventive measures for the practical problems that may be encountered in the work, which provided an effective reference for the development of the group's equity acquisition business. This training further enhanced the legal thinking and wind control awareness of the trainees, and built a solid line of defense for compliance management.



The 2021 Qingdao Real Estate Trend Analysis and Outlook Report was taught and interpreted by Zang Qiao, Deputy General Manager of E-House (China) Enterprise Group Crane Qingdao Agency. He focused on the policy situation of the real estate market in 2021, analyzing five aspects: land supply, urban renewal, market demand, and product customers. Using a large amount of data, Mr. Zang analyzed the market prospect and the development direction of Qingdao stock housing market from a macro perspective. In just one hour, the majority of employees have a more comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, expanded their horizons, inspired their thinking, and have their own objective evaluation of the risks and crises, opportunities and responses, so that everyone has more Confidence and strength to deal with the current and future market competition situation.



Hualu Company invited Ren Ruibo, Dean of the School of Engineering of Shandong Jianzhu University, Zhao Pinhui, Professor Geng Litao and other experts and professors to train all employees on the theme of asphalt material introduction and discussion on key technologies of pavement construction. The application of special materials such as cold supplement and high-viscosity asphalt mixture, the quality control of asphalt pavement construction and the prevention of common diseases, the application of asphalt pavement additives and the application of new asphalt materials, and the rapid detection technology of asphalt quality are explained. Focus on the combination of the project asphalt pavement structure and the asphalt raw materials and asphalt mixture composition, described and analyzed. The training process is full of dry goods, improving the skills and practical level of all trainees.



In recent years, Rongfa Group has continued to strengthen the construction of human resources, improve the level of professional management, and actively carry out on-the-job training, business training, technological innovation and other activities; carry out labor competition activities of "comparing management level, technological progress, professional quality and independent innovation" to promote learning by competition and work by learning; at the same time, implement dynamic management to achieve the purpose of training and selecting talents, improving business level and promoting advanced experience, it has created an entrepreneurial atmosphere of "learning to catch up with others", providing a solid guarantee for the high-quality development of the group and the implementation of the national strategy of integration and innovation in the new district.

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