The world's largest new tonnage bulk cement carrier-"ADVAITA" ship leaves the port smoothly.

Recently, the 22200DWT bulk cement carrier "Adivita" built by Jinglu Shipbuilding for Singapore's GLOBAL UNITED Company left the port and started a new journey into the open sea.



It is understood that the "Adivita" ship is currently the world's largest newly built bulk cement carrier with a total length of 159.5 meters and a deadweight of 22200DWT. It can simultaneously load four grades of cement items: ordinary portland cement (OPC), volcanic ash portland cement (PPC), fly ash (FLYASH) and blast furnace slag (GGBFS). equivalent to the carrying capacity of 444 50-ton bulk cement tankers under full load.



As early as 2017, Jinglu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. designed and built a powdery cement carrier with a deadweight of 21000 tons for Sri Lanka Shipping Co., Ltd. The "Adivita" ship delivered this time was optimized and upgraded on this basis, making the load The capacity has increased by 1200 deadweight tons, setting a new record for the tonnage of bulk cement carriers. The increase in cargo capacity is not just as simple as increasing the displacement. As the second-generation bulk cement carrier, it is more prominent in terms of loading and unloading rate, stability, rapidity, energy saving, environmental protection and safety performance, and the technical performance is world-leading.



The ship through CFD technical means, the original line analysis, through the combination of a number of head and tail parts of the program, to make the optimal hull line, reduce navigation resistance, combined with the line map, optimize the propeller design, increase the energy-saving device PSV, improve the efficiency of the propeller, to achieve a given speed, the minimum power demand effect, greatly reduce the fuel consumption. In addition, the ship is also equipped with an intelligent human-computer interaction automatic loading and unloading system. The loading and unloading process is closed without interference. The control center automatically controls the loading and unloading rate of each cabin according to the loading strength and stability of the ship, so as to realize safe, accurate and uniform loading under the condition of ensuring the loading and unloading rate. The loading and unloading rate of this ship reaches 1000 tons/hour, and the automatic loading and unloading task of a ship is completed within 24 hours.



In the next step, Jinglu Shipbuilding will uphold the enterprise spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation, and win-win", give full play to the advantages of technology and resources, seize market opportunities, boldly innovate, take advantage of the situation, and expand and strengthen the comprehensive service guarantee base for shipbuilding, Contribute to the high-quality development of Jiaodong economic integration.

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