Take Snow as an Order to Prepare for War at All Times-Rongfa Group Fully Prepares for Snow Removal


From the evening of December 28 to 29, snowfall and strong winds occurred in Qingdao West Coast New District. The snow caused the area road surface snow ice, reduce traffic capacity.




Hualu Company Launching Snow Removal on 204 National Highway


In order to effectively deal with the adverse effects of ice and snow weather on road traffic, Rongfa Group launched an emergency plan for severe weather overnight, and deployed some cadres and workers such as municipal companies, property companies, Hualu Company, Huaan Company, etc. to set up 50 snow removal emergency teams to carry out voluntary snow removal services, pre-slip materials for ramps, curves, intersections and other road sections, and immediately carry out mechanized snow removal and ice removal operations on frozen road sections, we will make every effort to ensure that citizens travel, and earnestly achieve "smooth roads in the snow, clear roads after the snow, and no slippery after the snow".




Municipal companies carry out snow removal work in the core area of Guzhenkou



Huaan rescue service 24 hours a day


As of 7: 00 p.m. on the 29th, the group dispatched more than 400 people to fight on the front line of snow removal, deploying more than 30 mechanical vehicles such as snow removers, snow melting spreaders, loaders, more than 50 tons of snow melting agent and more than 300 cubic meters of anti-skid sand. During this period, the majority of cadres and employees gave full play to the spirit of the Iron Army, braved the severe cold, united and cooperated, and demonstrated the spirit of the employees of state-owned enterprises in the new era.

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