Rongfa Group Won 2019 Advanced Collective for Work Safety


Recently, the Work Safety Committee of Qingdao West Coast New District issued a circular on commending the advanced collectives and individuals of work safety in 2019, and Rongfa Group was awarded the advanced collectives of work safety in 2019.



Safety is the foundation of project construction. For a long time, Rongfa Group has fully implemented the management system of "safe production", firmly established the awareness of safety production red line, solidly carried out the construction of safety dual prevention mechanism, vigorously promoted the implementation of safety production standardization, and focused on building "safety first, Comprehensive management, prevention-oriented" safety production network, improve various rules and regulations, and strengthen the organization, leadership and supervision of safety work, ensure that there are no hidden dangers and no dead ends in the production site. In addition, the Group actively conducts regional labor skills competitions and overall emergency drills to strengthen the safety awareness of skill trees. All projects will be inspected and notified once a week, professional fire protection training and internal routine training will be carried out, and the safety awareness and skills of all cadres and employees will be continuously strengthened. The safety production situation will continue to be stable and good, forming a strong atmosphere in which everyone stresses safety, always stresses safety and everywhere, providing a solid security guarantee for the high-quality development of the Group. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Marine Science Research Center project undertaken by the group won the Shandong Province Construction Safety and Civilization Standardization Site, the University City Public Venue-Science Lecture Hall, the Library, the Cultural Center Project and the Integration Center Phase I project respectively won the Qingdao Construction Site Standardization Management Demonstration Site......



In the next step, Rongfa Group will carry forward the enterprise spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation and win-win", accelerate the construction of the project, constantly consolidate the foundation of safety production, comprehensively improve the effectiveness of safety management, and always think about safety, talk about safety in everything, be safe everywhere, and earnestly achieve "safety first".

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