Rongfa Group's five road greening was rated as "Qingdao City Greening Management Demonstration Road and Standard Road"

Recently, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Gardens and Forestry reported on the city's 2020 greening management demonstration roads and the creation of up-to-standard roads. 27 roads in the city were rated as demonstration roads and 111 roads were rated as up-to-standard. Haijun Road (Yingshanhong Road to Haiya Road) managed and protected by Rongfa Group was selected as "Qingdao Green Management Demonstration Road". Cuidao Road (Sansha Road to Haijun Road), Haiwan Road (Fusion Road to Haijun Road), Sansha Road (Cuidao Road to Longmending Road) and Yingshanhong Road (Fusion Road to Haijun Road) were selected as "Qingdao Green Management Standard Road", accounting for 1/4 of the total number of the total number of the West Coast New District.


In order to comprehensively improve the management and protection level of urban gardens and green spaces, and promote the creation of a national ecological garden city, the Municipal Gardens and Forestry Bureau has launched activities to create green management demonstration roads and standard roads. Rongfa Group responded positively, closely following the greening theme of "building a greening demonstration framework and comprehensively improving the quality of the city". According to the relevant standards of road greening in the city, Rongfa Group took various measures to enrich the ecology, made every effort to create a new image of urban gardens in the new district, improved the greening grade in the new district, and played a role as a model benchmark for road greening management in the new district.


According to the arrangement of the new district, Rongfa Group currently undertakes the management of municipal facilities in the core area of Guzhenkou, with an operating area of 22 square kilometers. Among them, road cleaning 1.12 million square meters, greening maintenance 850000 square meters. Since 2018, the group has started with increasing investment in green space maintenance, adjusting the layout of green space, optimizing plant selection and allocation, strengthening plant water and fertilizer management, and scientific prevention and control of diseases and insect pests. It has successively carried out large-scale greening upgrades on important trunk roads such as Haijun Road, Cuidao Road, Bay Road, Sansha Road and Yingshanhong Road.




Among them, flowering trees and shrubs and colored-leaf tree species are added to the greening on both sides of the main roads, and flower theme design is added to the road nodes to comprehensively upgrade the specifications and quality of the original ball shrubs and pattern ground. Timely reinforcement and replacement of trees lodging and poor growth caused by typhoon and sea fog to ensure that there are no dead trees, crooked trees and missing trees. Timely prune hedgers, increase the frequency of debris, weeds, ensure that driving is unimpeded; Each quarter, according to the seasonal climate and festival theme, select suitable flowers and patterns to design, improve the beauty of the new area; Timely replacement of lawns with poor growth, and coordination with drug prevention and control to ensure coverage ≥ 98%, bald spot <1%, and disease plant rate ≤ 3%. After many efforts, the overall quality and atmosphere image has been greatly improved.


In the next step, Rongfa Group will continue to adhere to the greening concept of "building a greening demonstration framework and comprehensively improving the quality of the city", actively innovate and dare to make breakthroughs. While ensuring fine management, Rongfa Group will highlight the ecology of green space, highlight the greening characteristics of roads in the new district, and make new contributions to beautifying the ancient town entrance and building a charming new district.



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