Jinglu Ship Industry Completed Two Ship Delivery in One Week

Recently, Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry completed the delivery of two ships-the floating large-scale intelligent cage platform "Tianan Blue Whale 1" was successfully launched and delivered to the owner. 1400GT Tuna Seine Ship Delivered and Departed from Hong Kong.


Cheonan Blue Whale 1

"Tianan Blue Whale 1" is a floating large-scale intelligent cage platform built by Jinglu Shipbuilding for Yantai Tianan Ocean Ranch Development Co., Ltd. The cage platform is mainly used in marine breeding, marine sightseeing, marine fishing and leisure and other fields. It adopts a number of domestic leading design concepts. By installing a set of marine ecological environment monitoring system in the intelligent cage, it realizes real-time analysis and monitoring of marine ecological environment data and intelligent management of the cage, improve the efficiency of breeding, to achieve a scientific breeding.



1400GT American Tuna Seine Boat

The 1400GT American Tuna purse seine vessel is a new 1400GT tuna purse seine vessel built by Jinglu Shipbuilding for Taiwan Longshun Fishery Group Holding Company. Based on the 1200GT American Tuna purse seine vessel, the whole vessel has realized semi-automatic operation of hydraulic auxiliary system through technological innovations such as ship type optimization and deadweight tonnage increase.



Jinglu Shipbuilding will, as always, with a high sense of mission and responsibility, careful design, fine management, standardized construction, and return the trust and support of customers with higher quality, higher efficiency, and more economical products.

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