Yantai Rongfa Industry Development Co., Ltd. held the opening ceremony


On November 17, 2020, the unveiling ceremony of Yantai Rongfa Industry Development Co., Ltd. was held in Penglai District, Yantai City. Cui Hongxun, member of the standing Committee of the Penglai District CPC Committee and director of the office, Yang Jianjun, secretary of the party committee of Beigou Town, Fu Jinzhi, mayor, Yang Shengle, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Penglai Chengfa Group, and the person in charge of Yantai Rongfa Company attended the ceremony.



Yantai Rongfa Industry Development Co., Ltd. is the northern headquarters of Shandong region built by Rongfa Group. It is an important support point and pioneer for the group to implement the coordinated development strategy of the whole province and the integration of Jiaodong Peninsula economic circle. It is also an important achievement of investment promotion in Penglai District. The landing of the project has a positive effect on promoting the development of collaborative innovation industry in Yantai City and assisting the development and construction of the park. In the next step, the company will adhere to the group's concept of "passion, efficiency, innovation and win-win", based on Penglai, serving Yantai, looking at Jiaodong, constantly speeding up the progress of the project, speeding up the integration of resources, leading the industrial agglomeration, and making new contributions to promoting regional economic development!



At present, Yantai Rongfa Industry Development Co., Ltd. has deployed Penglai Collaborative Innovation Industrial Park, Weilan New Town, High-end Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and other projects in Yantai, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan. The foundation laying ceremony of the Weilan New Town project has been held in the early stage, and various preparations before the start of construction are being stepped up. Construction is expected to start at the end of this year.

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