Burning! The exhibition in the West Coast New District is full of "heavy power" and lasts until Sunday!

On October 10,

The First Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition

Opening of the Expo City in Qingdao West Coast New District

Xiao Xuan just got some good news,

The exhibition will be postponed14th (Sunday),

andByID card for free admissionOh ~


Opening ceremony Peninsula reporter Meng Da/photo


SYou can see the legendary at home.

Long March 5 carrier rocket, J-15 carrier aircraft,

J-31 medium stealth fighter, Rainbow -4 UAV,

Wuzhi 10,Shenzhou 11 return capsule......

Xiao Xuan launched today

[The First Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition--

"Great Power Heavy Equipment" Series]]

Outdoor Exhibition AreaThe super-burning scene map goes a wave!



At the exhibition, the "heavy power" gathered and appeared.


China's sixth manned mission

Shenzhou 11 return capsule




 Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


Various armed helicopters (models), fighter jets

Shock debut




Outdoor display of the J-15 carrier aircraft model.Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


Outdoor display of medium stealth fighter J-31.Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


Wuzhi-10 armed helicopter.Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


Rainbow -4 drone.Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


Long March 5 carrier rocket

It's the largest rocket by far.




Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo



unmanned armored cluster




Unmanned armor clusters are climbing over obstacles, and the platform is the only medium-sized unmanned equipment in China that can enter practical applications and large-scale production.Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


remote sensing miniaturized mobile station




Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


Wolf Warrior Tank




Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


Is it just looking at the picture that your blood is boiling?

The live viewing will definitely make you feast your eyes



Two days extension! The show continues until this Sunday



This exhibition is the first large-scale exhibition in the field of military-civilian integration in Shandong Province. It is hosted by the Qingdao Municipal People's Government and the Office of the Military-civilian Integration Development Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and undertaken by the West Coast New Area Management Committee. The exhibition will last until October 14.


This exhibition is large in scale and high in specifications.

"Demand traction, military-ground collaboration, innovation-driven,

The idea of "promoting the whole region, highlighting industrial advantages and marine characteristics,

A total of the West Coast New Area military-civilian integration achievements exhibition,

Exhibition of Achievement of Military Enterprises,

Comprehensive Scientific and Technological Achievement Exhibition Three Indoor Exhibition Areas

and an outdoor exhibition area,

The exhibition area reaches40000 squareMeters.


The exhibition site was crowded with people. Source: Mengyuan Special Shooting


Attracted, including the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

11 state-owned military industry groups and 8 military science and technology colleges and universities, etc.

Nearly 400 units and 1835 exhibits participated in the exhibition.

Of the exhibits, 48 belong

pioneering, innovative, disruptive technologies,

21 to fill the gap;

356 military-to-civilian products and 38 civilian-to-military products.

There are more on site.

Your unexpected high-tech equipment oh ~


Small Xuan friendship tips:

This Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition

It will continue until October 14 (Sunday),

Free admission with ID card

It's almost weekend,

Parents are advised to take their children to see

These make people proud of the "great power artifact"!


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(Source: Qingdao West Coast release)

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