The total investment of the project is 32 billion! The West Coast New Area has another big move in the field of military-civilian integration!

On October 10, as an important part of the first Qingdao military civilian integration science and technology innovation achievement exhibition, the signing ceremony of 24 military civilian integration projects with a total investment of 32 billion yuan was held in Qingdao West Coast new area.
These projects are invested and established in cooperation by aerospace science and technology group, aerospace science and industry group, aviation industry group, China Shipbuilding Industry Group, China Ordnance Industry Group, China Electric Power Group, China National Materials Group, SF Express Group, Zhongchuang Quantum Communications and other central enterprises, industry leaders, as well as military-civilian integration support units such as Beijing Junyou, Nachuan Electric and Great Wall Capital, covering digital communication, quantum communication, seaweed fiber, human factors engineering, thermal protection ceramics, maglev transportation and other fields, these projects with cutting-edge, leading and disruptive technological achievements will inject new momentum into the deep military-civilian integration and high-quality economic development of the new area.
Civil-Military Integration Project of China Aerospace Aerodynamics Technology Research Institute
China Aerospace Aerodynamics Technology Research Institute actively serves the national military-civilian integration strategy, mobilizes corresponding asset resources in terms of projects, technologies, talents and markets, with a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan. Based on the main business of aerodynamics and unmanned aerial vehicles, it plans to promote the implementation of the national industrial aerodynamics military-civilian integration research and innovation center, rainbow unmanned aerial vehicle navigation military-civilian integration and near space technology military-civilian integration projects in the new area. After completion, it will promote the sharing and transformation of technological achievements, and build an open industry-university-research platform and a new industrial base.
AVIC Xiangxun Collaborative Innovation Platform
The total investment of the project is 0.2 billion yuan, which is invested and constructed by Xi'an Xiangxun Technology Co., Ltd. of Aviation Industry Group and Qingdao AVIC Saiwei Technology Development Co., Ltd. It will give full play to the advantages of equipment and civil technology, integrate the resources of cross-military industry groups, and realize integration and innovation in scientific and technological research and development, achievement transformation and collaborative innovation. Focus on the development of military-civilian integration collaborative application technology patent pool, military-civilian integration product technical standards research, military-civilian integration industry development trend research, military-civilian integration industry technology development map database, military-civilian integration industry precision incubation and other projects.
CLC Smart Support Innovation Base
With a total investment of 1 billion yuan, the 22 China Electric Power Branch has established a collaborative innovation platform for China's radio-civilian integration industry. It is mainly engaged in the research, key construction and manufacturing, and system integration of the three major systems of smart barracks, smart training and smart support, and carries out the innovation of the collaborative model for the development of the military-civilian integration industry.
Qingdao Service Center of Confidential Qualification Examination and Certification Center of National Defense Science and Industry Bureau
Authorized by the confidentiality qualification examination and Certification Center of the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense to set up a sub-center in Guzhenkou, which is mainly engaged in the examination of scientific research and production license units of national defense weapons and equipment, carry out security and confidentiality technical inspection and evaluation of classified communications, computer information systems and office automation equipment in the national defense science, technology and industry, and carry out security and confidentiality inspection of military scientific research and production units.
Sinoma Advanced Ceramic Thermal Protection Materials R & D Center
Invested and constructed by Shandong Industrial Ceramics Research and Design Institute, the institute is affiliated to China National Building Materials Group. It is the only national industrial ceramics research institute and national industrial ceramics engineering technology research center in my country. It mainly builds Sinoma High-tech Advanced Ceramic Thermal Protection Materials R & D Center, engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, performance testing, assembly and rapid repair of high-performance thermal protection materials. After the completion of the center, it will provide material and technical support for the development and application of new high-performance aircraft and civil high-end thermal protection materials in China.
Special Logistics Management Department of Shunfeng Group
Invested and constructed by Shunfeng Group, it will give full play to the advantages of comprehensive express logistics services. In terms of strategic delivery, emergency mobilization, scientific and technological information, and military support services, it will build a military-civilian integrated military logistics system with agile response, precise distribution, visual control, and full safety. The system forms a special logistics system for military-civilian integration with the "Skynet Information Network.
Qingdao Maglev Transportation Electric Technology R & D Center and Industrialization Base
The project is jointly developed and constructed by Nachuan Electric Technology Co., Ltd. and the National Maglev Transportation Engineering Technology Center. It will build a joint laboratory for maglev transportation electrical equipment and engage in the R & D and manufacturing of new maglev transportation electrical equipment and rail transit linear drive electrical components.
Weapon Equipment Health Management System
It is invested and constructed by Jin Guanghong Intelligent Machinery and Electronics, Beijing Rotary Pole Technology and Jiuwei Huadun Science and Technology Research Institute with a total investment of 0.6 billion. It is mainly engaged in the research and development and testing of new military camouflage intelligent spraying operation system, including intelligent camouflage design and robot spraying. It is mainly used in peacetime equipment, cross-regional drills, military parade and inspection, wartime military spraying operations, and can form production capacity in the fields such as automobiles, ships, and household appliances and electronics.
(Source: Qingdao West Coast release)

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