The heavyweight "black technology" exhibit group attacked, it's too bad not to go to this exhibition on the west coast!

On October 10,

The First Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition

The Expo City opened in Qingdao West Coast New District.

Yesterday, Xiao Xuan took everyone to see the exhibition

"Great Power Heavy" Series (click for details)

Today, Xiao Xuan brings it to you again.

[The First Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition--

Inventory of heavyweight exhibits series in various pavilions]]

a wave"Black Technology"The exhibits hit!


Military Enterprise Achievements Exhibition Area

(S3 Pavilion)


Exhibition area for achievements of military enterprises

Focus on the display of 11 major military industry groups, Poly Group and universities,

The scientific research institute is at the forefront of the fields of air, space and sea, artificial intelligence, etc,

Leading and subversive core technologies and scientific research results.

Exhibitors of military industry groups, institutes

Most of them have settled in the old town mouth military-civilian integration innovation zone.


These military industrial groups, colleges and universities "big shot" who show

New Technology, New Achievements

or defend or explore land, sea, air and space,

"Black technology" products are amazing



650kgf class general aviation turbofan engine


Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


The 650kgf twin-rotor turbofan engine independently developed by the 31st Institute of the Third Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation is the first turbofan engine with 650kg thrust and independent intellectual property rights in China,It can meet the power requirements of small unmanned aerial vehicles with high lift limit and large range, and can also be used for cruise missiles.


Independent Innovation of the Third Generation Nuclear Power Technology "Hualong One"


Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


China National Nuclear Corporation has brought the "Hualong One" with independent innovation of third-generation nuclear power technology. Compared with previous generations of nuclear power plants, the "Hualong One" reactor type has improved the safety in many aspects,To prevent the malicious impact of large commercial aircraft, the containment plant is designed as a double-layer containment, which can resist earthquakes of magnitude 9 or more.



floating nuclear power plant


Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


Floating nuclear power plant is a small nuclear power device built by using offshore floating platform, which can be used for power generation, seawater desalination, heat supply, steam supply, and provide energy support for isolated islands, military facilities, polar regions or remote areas,It is an important safeguard measure for the country's future maritime strategy and maritime security.


F-500 Medium Coaxial Unmanned Helicopter


Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


F-500 medium unmanned helicopterTake-off weight 500kg,Using advanced coaxial layout, the first flight and flight project test will be completed in 2017, which can be widely applied to military and civilian fields.



Comprehensive Scientific and Technological Achievements Exhibition Area

(N3 Hall)


Comprehensive Scientific and Technological Achievements Exhibition

It is divided into six major sectors: marine engineering, aerospace, electronic information, artificial intelligence, new materials, and military and civilian supply and demand services,

Nearly 1,000 exhibits and scientific research results from 165 military-civilian integration high-tech enterprises, mainly private enterprises.


Measurement System of Average Photon Number of Quantum Optical Signal


Qingdao Daily reporter Liu Dai photo


China Theil Laboratory has closely communicated and cooperated with industry leaders and research institutions to establish a more comprehensive detection capability for quantum key distribution systems, quantum key management systems and quantum encryption application systems. As an authoritative third-party testing laboratory in China, China's Tyre Laboratory is an international leader in technology.


Laser Positioning Large Space Multiplayer Interactive Technology


The experiencer wears a VR display and a back positioning suit, which can move in a large range in space. (Source: Dream Source Special)


The laser positioning multi-person interaction technology pioneered by Guocheng Wantong Technology in the world uses laser positioning, which can achieve a large space of 1mm high precision and unlimited square meters without fear of occlusion,So far, it is still the only technology in the world.In addition to military training, the system also serves the doctor to practice surgery, public entertainment and other civilian areas.



It is worth mentioning that:

Comprehensive Science and Technology Achievement Museum

There are many interactive projects that can be experienced


Source: Mengyuan Special Photoshoot


Look at the public friends this high enthusiasm for participation

I know how cool these devices are ~




Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo

New District Military-civilian Integration Achievement Exhibition

(S4 Pavilion)


New District Military-civilian Integration Achievement Exhibition Area

Area of 10000 square meters,

It is divided into a preface hall and a display area,

122 exhibitors.


High-altitude test bench for high-altitude integrated operating environment,

Three-body high-speed boat, white dolphin -100 intelligent underwater robot,

Offshore platform dynamic positioning system and

The underwater frogman monitoring system was unveiled.


H3M unmanned helicopter


Peninsula Metropolis Daily reporter Meng Da/photo


H3M unmanned helicopter is the latest multi-purpose heavy oil UAV independently developed by Ousen UAV Company. The UAV has a total length of 3.8 meters and a rotor diameter of 3.2 meters. It can set sail autonomously and land autonomously. The maximum take-off weight is 110kg, the maximum speed is 100 km/h, and the endurance is more than 3 hours,It can hover in a force 7 gale, ItIt is also the country's first unmanned aerial vehicle that can hang an umbrella to achieve emergency landing.


Marine Science Survey Fleet Model of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Qingdao Daily reporter Xing Zhifeng/photo


The booth of the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is on display.The Chinese Academy of Sciences "Science", "Experiment", "Exploration" and "Innovation" four series of nine in-service scientific research ship models.


the move to rejuvenate the country, the policy to strengthen the country,

Civil-military integration has shown strong vitality.

make an appointment with friends and relatives on the weekend

Go to the First Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition

onlookers at the forefront of"Black Technology"Exhibits!


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