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Rongfa Group: Inheriting the May 4th Spirit to Show Youth Style

Carrying the power of labor
Also exudes the breath of youth
We are about to usher in the annual May 4th Youth Day, the May 4th Movement more than a hundred years ago.
China's youth strength first appeared
The May 4th Movement more than a hundred years ago
The Voice of Chinese Youth Rings the Heavenly Grab
Carrying Forward the May 4th Spirit, We Strive Forward
Today, let's walk into the May 4th Youth Festival, which belongs to Rongfa Group!
Rongfa group strengthens the organizational construction and capacity building of the Communist Youth League of enterprises, explores and establishes effective guidance, education, training, appreciation and encouragement of young people, deepens the sense of responsibility, shapes the rest assured culture, and creates a harmonious atmosphere. Under this fertile soil, this young combat team stresses dedication, can endure hardships, dare to work hard, bravely innovate, and contribute to the collaborative innovation and marine strategy of the service new area.
-The struggle of youth is the most beautiful-
Rongfa Group undertakes the tasks of infrastructure support, major project construction, collaborative innovation, old village renovation and other tasks in the new district's ancient town entrance integration innovation zone. In 2020, Rongfa Group undertakes 48 "investment and battle" projects in the west coast new district and 5 billion yuan's integration task. In order to speed up the rapid progress of the project, the group's youth take root in the front line, measure the land with their feet, irrigate the harvest with sweat, and interpret the elegant demeanour youth with struggle.
During the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the group's youth charged ahead, comprehensively doing a good job of material collection, disinfection and sterilization, personnel control, restaurant management, municipal sanitation and other work. At the same time, in order to realize the rapid resumption of work and production of the enterprise, the youth of the group acted quickly and devoted themselves to the activity of "fighting the epidemic with all its strength and sprinting for the first quarter". They set up a youth vanguard in the front line of the project, organized more than 4000 construction workers to work on site, strengthened the monitoring of the epidemic situation of workers, and kept a close eye on safe production, thus ensuring the smooth progress of each project.
The social security service center is one of the six centers built by Qingdao Guzhenkou fusion area, where young workers account for more than 80% and are distributed in various functional centers. The center has carefully set up six security workstations, including comprehensive security service workstations, food supply security workstations, municipal management security workstations, intelligent medical security workstations, social affairs security workstations and national defense mobilization security workstations. Each workstation has our young worker posts, they actively promote mechanism innovation and improve all-round and considerate services for the officers and soldiers of the garrison and the surrounding citizens.
Rongfa group has a young youth financing team. Their average age is no more than 35 years old. However, it provides financial guarantee for the construction of major projects in the new area and the market-oriented operation of the group. It is normal to work overtime. With their efforts, we have accelerated the promotion of securitization through various financing modes, and the credit of new financial institutions exceeds 5 billion yuan.
The group has such a group of young "craftsmen" who have contributed an important force to the development and construction of Guzhenkou. They dare to work hard and strive for excellence. Sun Xiao is one of them. Sun Xiao is just over 30 years old this year. He is an electrical engineer in the Engineering Management Department of Rongfa Group and a first-class constructor (mechanical and electrical engineering), responsible for the power engineering of the company's construction projects. In his work, he is willing to study hard and is not afraid of tiredness. He weaves the project's power security network with cable lines. In the supporting construction of the exhibition hall in Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone, due to the tight construction period, heavy tasks, and high requirements, and when the power distribution equipment drawings and technical instructions are all in English, he is resident on the construction site 24 hours a day, and he learns foreign languages by himself., Overcome language barriers, speed up the construction guidance, and finally zero rework of the project, successfully complete the construction work with high standards.
As an important platform for Qingdao West Coast New District to undertake the national strategy, Rongfa Group has bravely shouldered the heavy burden of the development and construction of the ancient town mouth integration innovation zone and built and operated the exhibition hall of the ancient town mouth integration innovation zone, which has become an important window for Qingdao and the new district to show the achievements of the national strategy. The exhibition hall team is a young team, with an average age of less than 25 years old. In the operation and management, it works hard, works hard, strives for perfection, and successfully completes important reception and explanation tasks for many times. It has been fully affirmed by leaders at all levels, reflecting the spirit of contemporary youth to move forward bravely and achieve their mission.
-The devotion of youth is the most beautiful-
Rongfa Group has never forgotten to shoulder the responsibility of state-owned enterprises and write the responsibility of state-owned enterprises with loyalty and dedication. The vast number of young workers participate in it and continue to make efforts in counterpart assistance, public welfare and charity, and social and people's livelihood.
During the epidemic, the vast number of young cadres and workers voluntarily donated blood without compensation, with a total blood donation of 21000 milliliters and a donation of nearly 100,000 yuan to help the epidemic.
By carrying out the theme activity of "volunteer service for civilized practice in the new era", the group strives to be voluntary commentators and civilized tourism propagandists, and guides the broad masses of young workers and volunteers to practice the concept of civilization.
In the next step, Rongfa Group will continue to encourage the vast number of youth members of the group to take on the role and start their own businesses, promote the group to become bigger and stronger rapidly, and help the new area to start the "12 major battles".

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