Rongfa Group: fully launched the "two-month war", promote project construction investment to achieve a new breakthrough.


Project construction, seize every minute, fast action, all-round fight. Recently, on the construction sites of Rongfa Group, the project construction is in full swing, with an average of 4,000 workers fighting on the front line every day, and various large-scale machinery shuttling back and forth, which is a scene of enthusiasm.



In order to further implement the decision and deployment of the "12 major battles" of the New District Working Committee Management Committee, Rongfa Group sounded the assembly call, fully launched the "bimonthly battle", and promoted the new district's "investment battle" to participate in the construction of the project and investment integration to achieve new breakthroughs.



In 2020, Rongfa Group undertook the construction of 48 new areas of "investment battle" projects and the task of 5 billion yuan, with the impact of the epidemic gradually reduced, into the post-epidemic golden compensation period. Rongfa Group seized the opportunity, concentrated its efforts, worked passionately, and with the determination to "fight hard battles and gnaw hard bones", fully opened the "52", "white plus black", and 8 X work modes, and ensured construction safety and Under the premise of engineering quality, we will do our best to do all the work of the "Bimonthly Battle" activities.



At present, the first phase of the provincial key project, the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has entered the final stage. Qingdao's key project, blue equipment, has sprung up. Beijing-Lu shipbuilding industry completed the launching of three ships and two ships in the same day. Rongfa Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. has entered the Qingdao area of China (Shandong) Free Trade Zone. Yangjiashanli Pastoral Complex Project has entered the planning and implementation stage......



In the next step, Rongfa Group will change its concept, take the initiative, and make every effort to tackle tough problems with innovative ideas, courage and the spirit of nailing nails, in market-oriented operations, key project construction, financing and bond issuance, high-quality resource collection and storage, strategic cooperation, etc. China continues to create new achievements, create a new situation, and make due contributions to the high-quality development of the new district.

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