[May Day] Praise the Most Beautiful Economic Controller

Recently, the Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions announced the "List of Qingdao Workers Pioneer Number 2020". The leading group of the national and provincial highway major and medium-sized repair project of Hualu Company, a subsidiary of the Economic Control Group, was selected by the Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions as the Qingdao Workers Pioneer Number 2020. In addition, the Qingdao Huaou Chenxi Kindergarten Women Workers Group was selected by the Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions as a model post for Qingdao Women Workers.

At the same time, the Qingdao West Coast New District Federation of Trade Unions issued the "Notice on Naming Workers Pioneer (No.) in Qingdao West Coast New District". The municipal management team of Rongfa Group under the Economic Control Group was selected as Workers Pioneer in Qingdao West Coast New District. Liu Yan, assistant general manager of Kaitou Group, and Ding Yuxue, project manager of Rongfa Group, were selected as Workers Pioneer in Qingdao West Coast New District.

Next, please join us in praising this group of amiable, respectable and lovely controlled workers.


Leading Group of National and Provincial Highway Major Repair Project of Hualu Company of Rongfa Group



Qingdao Hualu Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. belongs to Qingdao military and civilian integration development group Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in highway, bridge, municipal engineering construction and other business. In 2019, the company became the main force in the construction of the "Investment Battle" in the West Coast New Area. In order to strengthen project coordination and management, the company established a leading group for the construction of national and provincial roads and major repairs, which is responsible for the construction of national and provincial roads.


The leading group organized and completed the major and medium-sized renovation of 4 national and provincial roads, including G228 Dandong Road and G342 Rifeng Road, with a total output value of about 0.32 billion, accounting for 60% of Hualu Company's total output value. In the project construction, the project construction leading group rationally deployed personnel and materials, scientifically formulated the construction schedule, decomposed the node objectives layer by layer, and implemented them into each project department and post; pay attention to the leading role of party member vanguard posts and youth commandos. The majority of party members, young employees and technical backbones take the initiative to overcome the impact of severe weather such as high temperature and rain and construction technical problems. Under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, the construction period is rushed 24 hours a day and night., Successfully completed the annual task target of the project, was praised in writing by the New District Transportation Bureau, it has contributed to the smooth progress of the transportation infrastructure construction project of the "investment war" in the new area.


All female employees of Qingdao Huaou Chenxi Kindergarten



Qingdao Huaou Chenxi Kindergarten was founded in 2005. It is a two-level demonstration kindergarten in Shandong Province and Qingdao City. It is the first inclusive preschool education institution in Qingdao West Coast New District with the participation of district-owned state-owned enterprises. Since its establishment, Huaou Chenxi Kindergarten has taken "laying the foundation for the child's life" as its purpose, with innovation and characteristics as the main theme, insisting on scientific and standardized management, daring to explore, actively practicing, and using practical actions in the operation process. Practicing the responsibility and mission of state-owned enterprises to give back to the society and benefit the people has been recognized by the society, praised by leaders and trusted by parents. In recent years, our garden has been rated as "advanced unit of preschool education", "advanced unit of food hygiene A level" and "advanced unit of safety emergency disposal" by the District Education Commission and Health Bureau for many times ". In 2017, it was named "Advanced Unit of Teaching and Educating People" by the Education and Sports Bureau of Qingdao West Coast New District ". In 2018, it was rated as "advanced unit of annual education work" by the Education and Sports Bureau of Qingdao West Coast new area, and "advanced unit" by Huangdao subdistrict office of Qingdao West Coast new area in 2018 ".

In the past three years, with the strong support of the group, Huaou Chenxi Kindergarten has invested a total of more than 200 million yuan to improve the environment of the park. It has successively configured large-scale Panlong District and Hanging Garden Children's Activity Area, and updated and repaired indoor and outdoor teaching and amusement facilities. To ensure that children live and learn in a safer and more comfortable environment. On August 28, 2019, Huaou Chenxi No.2 Kindergarten opened smoothly, which not only filled the gap in the field of inclusive preschool education for state-owned enterprises in our district, but also broke through the bottleneck of "insufficient total amount, low quality, uneven distribution and inactive mechanism" of preschool education supply in our district, providing a new method and opening up a new path. In addition, the kindergarten has a team of civilized teachers with professional qualities. They love their jobs and are dedicated to their duties; they are rigorous in their studies and pay attention to opening the door of children's wisdom; they care for their children and condense their love for children into a huge educational force. On this basis, our garden pays close attention to the professional ethics education of all teachers. At the beginning of each semester, all teachers carry out oath activities under the national flag, hold the signing ceremony of the "Teacher's Ethics Commitment" on Teacher's Day, and carry out teacher's ethics training activities twice a month. In the ranks of teachers, a good fashion of loving one's job, teaching and educating people, being a teacher, and making progress has been formed.

The park not only focuses on training young teachers, but also strengthens teaching and training, pairs master and apprentice, and brings new ideas with excellence. Encourage young teachers to actively participate in learning and training and on-the-job business training, and actively carry out various public welfare activities to strengthen communication and contact with parents, paired units, communities, and society.

In the next stage, Huaou Chenxi Kindergarten will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation and win-win", conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the Management Committee of the New District Working Committee on the development of preschool education, innovate the concept and method of running the kindergarten, firmly grasp the basic direction of public welfare and inclusiveness, strengthen the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, perform social responsibilities, and strive to build an inclusive kindergarten with beautiful campus environment, excellent teaching quality and social recognition by parents, make positive contributions to the development of preschool education in the new district.


Municipal Management Team of Rongfa Group



Qingdao Rongfa Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Development Group Co., Ltd., and is responsible for municipal management, greening and cleaning, supervision and inspection, and security inspections within 22 square kilometers of the ancient town entrance. Under the circumstances of few personnel and difficult management, All members of the municipal company work together to strengthen inspections, strict management, and actively do various tasks. In 2019, it won the honorary titles of Qingdao spiritual civilization unit and Qingdao integrity enterprise.

In 2019, Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. actively participated in major activities such as the "offensive battle" in the Guzhenkou demonstration area, completed more than 30 construction projects such as the greening of the Navy Park and the upgrading of 11 roads in the Guzhenkou demonstration area, and completed the project output value of about 2 billion yuan. Among them: Navy Park won the title of "Demonstration Park" in Qingdao, haijun Road Green Space (Jasper Road-Lidao Road), Green Space along Sansha Road, Yingshanhong Road Green Space (Yingshanhong Road to Sansha Road Node), Sansha Road Landscape Node (Binhai Avenue to Sansha Road Node), Fusion Road Green Space (North Entrance Node) and Haiya Road Green Space (Haijun Park and Haiya Road Node) have won the title of Qingdao Top Quality Green Space. In 2019, a total of about 51200 sanitation workers were dispatched, more than 600 car sweeps, more than 1000 water trucks, about 50 million square meters of roads in the park were washed, and more than 300 leaks were investigated and dealt. According to seasonal changes, combined with plant growth characteristics, do a good job in pest control, clean up the park river and coastline Enteromorpha 18732 tons, clean up the coastline and river garbage about 1066m.

After the outbreak of the new crown, the municipal management team dispatched an average of 208 cleaning personnel, sprinklers and fog cannon trucks more than 300 times to wash, spray and kill important nodes, and actively do a good job in the recycling of discarded masks, gloves, disinfection bottles, as well as epidemic prevention and control publicity, making an important contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic.


Liu Yan, Assistant General Manager of Kaitou Group



Liu Yan worked hard with passion in his work, was determined to forge ahead, and successfully completed various tasks. He performed outstandingly, enjoyed a high reputation among the masses, and was commended by the New District Working Committee Management Committee many times.

Liu Yan is responsible for the reconstruction of the old village of nearly 800000 square meters of Kaitou Group. He insists on taking the people as the center in his work, earnestly studies and learns the policies, regulations, standards and processes of village reform, analyzes typical cases, analyzes and draws lessons from the success and failure of similar projects, pushes forward the three main lines of demolition, planning and construction at the same time, and closely contacts the responsible persons of relevant streets and communities, ensure to minimize disputes and complaints in the post-acceptance handover process and promote project construction efficiently. Among them, the Yinjiahe resettlement project with a total construction area of 670000 square meters is the only project included in the urban shantytown renovation plan of Shandong Province in 2019, and it is one of the practical things of Qingdao City in 2019. It has created a construction speed of capping all multi-storey residential buildings within 4 months of construction. It has realized the completion of demolition, construction, multi-storey capping and 1.7 billion yuan in that year. It has been highly appraised by leaders and experts of provincial and municipal housing and construction departments. The "15 Offensive" inspection team of Qingdao City also evaluated the project management very well after on-the-spot investigation. In March 2018, he also actively participated in the construction of the improvement and upgrading project of the Guzhenkou Military-civilian Integration Zone. After more than 70 days and nights of continuous and high-intensity fighting, he successfully completed the construction of the planning exhibition hall and innovation center of the Guzhenkou Military-civilian Integration Innovation Demonstration Zone, and the renovation and upgrading emergency project of the Longmending Wharf Waiting Hall ".

Ding Yuxue, Project Manager of Rongfa


Ding Yuxue is currently the project manager of the public venue library, cultural center and marine science and technology museum of Qingdao military-civilian integration development group co., ltd. In 2018, he was awarded the "integration pacesetter" of Guzhenkou innovation demonstration zone, the "excellent project manager" of Qingdao military civilian integration development group co., ltd in 2018, and the "outstanding contribution award" and "excellent project manager" of Qingdao military civilian integration development group in 2019 ".

Affected by the new crown epidemic, the resumption of work of various projects has been delayed. In order to implement the requirements of the new district to speed up the resumption of work and production of key construction projects and to minimize the impact of the epidemic, he has been fighting on the front-line construction site. Ding Yuxue actively organized and helped the construction units to take epidemic prevention and control measures and coordinated and contacted the subcontracted labor teams to enter the site. In order to ensure the smooth resumption of work and production of public venues in the university city, it took only 15 days to reach 80% of the number of people who returned to work before the epidemic, and promoted the full resumption of work in the public venues in the university city by the end of February, and smoothly carried out the main phase of construction, reducing the impact of the epidemic to a minimum.

In the process of promoting the construction of public venues in the university city, the Marine Science and Technology Museum is faced with various construction problems such as abundant groundwater near the sea, difficult foundation pit precipitation, complex structural design of inclined roof inclined beam construction, and difficult steel structure hoisting. Ding Yuxue uses comprehensive innovative thinking to organize and plan various solutions in advance by consulting experienced experts, units, and technical demonstrations of participating units. Organize the participating units to use flexible well point precipitation and hole guide machine to solve the problem of foundation pit precipitation; The use of inclined roof film reinforcement to solve the construction problems of large slope inclined roof and inclined beam; The optimization scheme solves the problem of intensive construction of inclined beam steel and inclined column reinforcement, which effectively guarantees the smooth progress of the project as scheduled.

Since the construction of the project, in line with the working principle of "today's work, today's completion", Ding Yuxue has led the team to jointly tackle key problems, study and optimize the plan in advance, overcome difficulties, adhere to the model to lead the way, and played an exemplary and leading role of the project manager.

There are also many unknown economic controllers who take root in the front line, interpret the beauty of labor with their own sweat, and contribute their own strength to the economic construction of the new area. May 1 Labor Day pays tribute to the most beautiful workers!

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