Economic Control Group: the first quarter against the trend of growth, the next step to continue efforts

On the morning of April 24, 2020, the Economic Control Group held an economic operation analysis meeting for the first quarter of 2020 to summarize the economic operation, key project construction and investment progress in the first quarter, analyze the current opportunities and challenges, and arrange the deployment of the next key work. Group Party Secretary, Chairman Zhang Jinlou attended the meeting and made a concluding speech. Members of the leading group of the group company and its affiliated enterprises, and the main responsible persons of the departments and offices of the group company, the departments and offices of the development investment group, the financing group and the subsidiaries attended the meeting.



Project construction running out of acceleration




Strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control and safety production management measures, early planning and rapid solution to the shortage of construction workers, machinery and equipment and construction materials. At present, Kaitou Group and Rongfa Group have organized more than 10000 construction personnel to work on site to ensure the smooth progress of the 85 "investment battle" projects undertaken and complete the investment of 2.1 billion yuan. A total of 5 projects have been included in the provincial key project database, and 8 projects have been included in the municipal key project database. The number of selected projects is in the forefront of state-owned enterprises in the city and district.


New Breakthrough in Market Operation



The affiliated enterprises closely focus on the business objectives and tasks determined by the group's 2020 work deployment meeting, take marketization as the guidance and economic benefits as the center, accelerate the expansion of development and construction, collaborative innovation comprehensive guarantee, trade, financial investment and other main businesses, and promote the fission growth of major economic indicators. Accumulated operating income was 2.1 billion yuan, up 110 percent year-on-year. Profits and taxes reached 78.42 million yuan, up 89% year-on-year. The company's total assets increased by 18% from the beginning of the year, and its net assets increased by 19% from the beginning of the year.


New Progress in Financing Debt



Using various financing modes such as issuing bonds, we will accelerate the promotion of securitization, and the credit of new financial institutions will exceed 10 billion yuan, providing financial guarantee for the construction of major projects in the new area and the market-oriented operation of the group. The establishment of the first private capital company in the new area to open investment private capital management company, in the Shandong Free Trade Zone Qingdao area after approval to register the establishment of the first financial leasing company financial leasing company.


Double recruit double lead to create a new situation



Deepen in-depth cooperation with central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, industry leaders and institutions such as CCCC, Poly, Vanke, Sunac, Haier, China University of Petroleum, 360 Group, Singapore International Shipping Center, Super Grain Holdings, etc., and integrate and revitalize land, capital and other elements Resources, accumulatively participated in 12 listed companies such as Shi Dasheng Hua and Kunlun Green Construction to enter the capital market, help the new area double recruit double lead and new and old kinetic energy conversion, creating a new situation of win-win cooperation. The actual utilization of foreign capital was 31.4 million US dollars, accounting for 44.8 of the annual target. Domestic capital of 0.46 billion yuan (all outside Qingdao) has completed 46% of the annual target.



The meeting emphasized that while seeing the achievements, it is necessary to compare the expectations of the new district and benchmark outstanding companies, closely follow the annual business goals and tasks, find gaps, make up for shortcomings, and not forget to find business opportunities in crisis, with greater responsibility and more Innovation, better spirit, and strive to create a new situation in market-oriented operations.



The meeting pointed out that to do a good job in the next step of economic operation, we should focus on five aspects of work. First, strengthen the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, promote the construction of major projects and investment in the task of integration. The second is to deepen strategic cooperation with leading companies, promote market-oriented businesses such as corporate mergers and acquisitions, equity investment, mixed reforms, and high-quality resource collection and storage, and quickly become bigger and stronger. The third is to build a first-class front-end security platform to help the new area improve its far-reaching sea security capabilities. Fourth, to build a first-class park operation and double-recruit double-lead platform, to promote the new area of new and old kinetic energy conversion. Fifthly, we will build a first-class trade platform, promote tax payment, and help Qingdao Port transform from a logistics port to a trade port and a financial settlement port. Sixth, to build a first-class state-owned financial investment platform, comprehensively improve the level of investment and financing and securitization rate, and help the high-quality economic development of the new area.


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