I am a party member and I take the lead | Wang Fangwei: desks are moved to the construction site to ensure the return of 4,000 workers.


Wang Fangwei, Assistant to the General Manager and Director of the General Office of Rongfa Group

When it comes to Wang Fangwei, his colleagues say the most about him is "capable and able to bear hardships". As the person in charge of the project construction of Rongfa Group, an enterprise owned by the Economic Control Group, in 2019, Wang Fangwei participated in the "Investment Battle" project of 62 West Coast New Areas of Rongfa Group and the investment task of more than 8 billion yuan.



In order to successfully complete various tasks and objectives and grasp the progress of the project in real time, Wang Fangwei moved his desk to the front line of the project and carried out special scheduling on the progress and problems encountered in various key projects on the same day to ensure that the problems did not stay overnight.



In 2020, Rongfa Group, a subsidiary of the Economic Control Group, undertook the construction of 48 "investment battles" projects in the West Coast New Area and the task of 5 billion yuan. In order to overcome the impact of the epidemic and help enterprises to resume work and production quickly, since the Spring Festival, Wang Fangwei stick to the front line, on the basis of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the organization of the project leaders, together with a detailed study of the characteristics of each project, to find ways to solve the construction workers, machinery and equipment and construction materials shortage and other problems.



In order to solve the problem of difficult rework for construction workers in other provinces, Wang Fangwei carefully studied relevant documents, organized various projects to contact construction workers in other provinces in advance, and quickly started point-to-point passenger charter transportation. Under the principle of safety first, in less than 20 days, more than 4000 workers successfully reworked, ensuring that all 35 continued projects started construction at full capacity, laying a solid foundation for the completion of various goals and tasks throughout the year.



In the construction of the Marine Science and Technology Museum project of the Marine Science Center, due to the irregular shape of the project design structure, the construction is difficult. In order to complete the construction with quality and quantity, Wang Fangwei led the team to use comprehensive innovative thinking and led the use of "large-span hyperboloid steel structure" Construction Method "to ensure the installation accuracy and quality. In January 2020, the Science Lecture Hall Project, the first phase of the university town public venue project led by him, won the "Shandong Province Construction Engineering Quality Structure" award.



In 2019, Wang Fangwei himself was awarded the title of "Integration Pioneer" by Qingdao Guzhenkou Integration Innovation Zone and won the "Outstanding Contribution Award" of Rongfa Group ".

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