The fusion concrete industry was completed and put into operation, and the enterprises owned by the control group won the largest ready-mixed concrete supplier in Qingdao.


On the morning of April 18, 2020, Qingdao Fusion Concrete Industry Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Huaou Group and Hualu Company, was completed and put into operation in Jiaonan Street, West Coast New District, Qingdao. So far, the annual output of the concrete industry companies affiliated to the Economic Control Group has reached 4 million cubic meters, becoming the largest ready-mixed concrete supplier in Qingdao, marking a new level in the strategic layout of the development and construction sector of the Economic Control Group. Zhang Jinlou, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Economic Control Group, and Gao Yongqiang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiaonan Sub-district Office, attended the commissioning ceremony.



The establishment of Qingdao Fusion Concrete Industry Co., Ltd. is a specific action taken by the enterprises affiliated to the Economic Control Group to actively respond to the development and construction of the new area and the deployment of work and resumption of production. It mainly serves the regional economic development of Guzhenkou Fusion Zone, Wangtai New Knetic Energy Industrial Base, Jiaonan Sub-district Office, etc.



The project is located in Beiershan Road, Jiaonan Street, with a total area of 47.5 acres, a total construction area of 9137 square meters, and a total investment of 26 million yuan. The business scope is Lingshanwei in the east, Dongjiakou in the west, Guzhenkou in the south, and Wangtai in the north. The radiation radius is 30 kilometers. It has two sets of "Sany" 180 production lines, 5500 square meters of fully enclosed environment-friendly raw material storage bin, sand and gravel separator, slurry water recovery treatment system, automatic car washing system, etc., and adopts the domestic first-class fully enclosed and computer automatic control system, which can produce green environment-friendly ready-mixed commercial concrete and other products to meet the construction needs of multiple construction sites at the same time.



After all the projects are put into production, the annual production capacity is 1 million cubic meters, the annual output value is more than 0.4 billion yuan, and the tax paid is more than 20 million yuan, which can not only provide convenient and high-quality supporting services for the construction of major projects in the West Coast New area, but also greatly promote the economic revitalization of the surrounding streets, towns and villages, and expand job employment.



Relevant responsible comrades of Jiaonan Street, Rongfa Group, Kaitou Group, Huaou Group and other units participated in the activity. Before the ceremony, Hualu Company and Fusion Concrete Industry Company made loving donations to Dazhuang Village, Jiaonan Sub-district Office, demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of state-owned enterprises in the new district to devote themselves to local public welfare undertakings.

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