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Speak Civilization, Speak Hygiene, Beauty, Environment and New Style


Recently, the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Love and Health Office, and the Municipal Urban Management Office organized and carried out the activities of "Speaking of Civilization and Hygiene, and Creating a New Style in the Beautiful Environment" throughout the city. The projects, office locations, and property contracting parks and other areas, comprehensively and meticulously do a good job in infrastructure renovation and environmental sanitation renovation, manage every key area, grasp every detail, and strengthen prevention first, create a healthy environment and further consolidate the achievements of the national civilized city and the national health city.



Kaitou Group undertakes the construction of Wangtai new kinetic energy industrial base and is speeding up the implementation of environmental improvement projects on Huangzhang Road, Huaihe Road and Lishan Road. The project is a key project in the infrastructure construction sector of Qingdao West Coast New District and Qingdao Development Zone, with a total investment of 0.75 billion yuan. The main construction contents include 50,000 square meters of greening of Huangzhang Road, environmental improvement of seven nodes in Wangtai Town, construction of temporary headquarters, signs and signs, construction of four new planned roads, renovation and upgrading of 10 roads in Wangtai Town, laying of water supply and drainage, communication pipelines, etc. Among them, Wang Taidong Road 1 has "tried first" to build a 800-meter utility tunnel. At present, node greening, signs, temporary headquarters and spiritual fortress have been completed. The reconstruction of Wangtai Road, Taichung Road, Tainan Road, Taiding Road and Taining Road has been completed. The simultaneous laying of water supply and drainage, power supply, gas supply, heating and communication pipelines has been completed, greatly improving the comprehensive support capacity of the region, in 2019, people will enjoy centralized and unified heating services for the first time. After the completion of the project, it will greatly improve the municipal supporting level of Wangtai new kinetic energy industrial base, improve the service capacity of people's livelihood, improve the urban landscape, and provide assistance for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Qingdao Development Zone.



Rongfa Group Property Company undertakes the property management work of about 220000 square meters for 15 projects in the Guzhenkou area, and started a week-long "health cleaning" on March 30 ". Carry out sanitation, cleaning, washing, disinfection and disinfection of public areas such as elevator rooms, conference rooms, toilets and other public areas in the area, do a good job in garbage classification management and timely removal, and create a clean, tidy, hygienic, healthy, beautiful and livable working and living environment.


In view of the cleaning and maintenance of infrastructure in the ancient town entrance fusion area, the municipal company of Rongfa Group has launched actions in four aspects: road cleaning, public toilet disinfection, sanitary dead corner cleaning and navy park control. On average, 178 cleaning personnel are dispatched to clean and kill the park every day. A total of more than 179 sprinklers and fog cannons are dispatched to wash and spray important nodes. In view of the crowded and mobile Navy Park and other key killing areas, 7 special garbage bins will be added. During the period, a total of more than 50 kilograms of waste masks, gloves, disinfection bottles and other items were collected.



The action to improve the civilized quality of citizens is a long-term social system project. The municipal company and property company of Rongfa Group continue to carry out health and epidemic prevention knowledge publicity and health education for employees, and post the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Publicity Notice" in each office area, navy park, and park hotel to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control information is disseminated to every employee; and through WeChat, Weibo, LED large screen and other forms of public welfare publicity and health science education, to guide tourists and employees to abandon bad habits such as spitting and littering, cultivate good living habits and hygiene habits, and develop a healthy and civilized lifestyle.



In the next step, the enterprises affiliated to the Economic Control Group will continue to carry out the activities of "stressing civilization and hygiene, beautifying the environment and establishing a new style", and deepen the patriotic health campaign through measures such as environmental sanitation improvement, regular cleaning, and publicity and education. raise workers' awareness of civilization and health, and provide a good environment for the high-quality development of the new area.

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