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National Security, Everyone's Responsibility-Rongfa Group Launches "National Security Education Day for All" Theme Activities


April 15 this year is the fifth national security education day for all. In order to further enhance the national security awareness of the whole people and promote the whole society to form a strong joint force to safeguard national security, Rongfa Group launched the "April 15 National Security Education Day" theme education activity.



The theme of this year's event is to adhere to the overall national security concept, coordinate traditional security and non-traditional security, and provide a strong guarantee for the decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way. The focus is on strengthening the publicity and education of national security laws and regulations, and doing a good job in the publicity and education of traditional security and non-traditional security. Organize and carry out media centralized publicity activities.



On the day of the activity, the party branches of the group first concentrated on the publicity and education activities of learning national security policy theories, laws and regulations, then used the WeChat platform to watch the safety education propaganda film, and systematically learned the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on biosafety and other theoretical articles. Finally, all cadres and workers conducted the 2020 national security legal knowledge learning and answering activities and made full use of WeChat groups and other platforms and forms to carry out publicity.



By adhering to the combination of online and offline, the national security awareness of all cadres and workers has been improved, citizens' national security responsibilities and obligations have been fulfilled, and national security has been safeguarded with practical actions.

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