Fighting day and night, Qingdao Blue Intelligent Equipment Project "One Day at a Time"

The Qingdao West Coast News, published on March 18, 2020, focuses on the resumption of work and production of the Qingdao Blue Intelligent Equipment Project, the full text of which is as follows:



Spring is the golden age of engineering construction. Since the resumption of work and production, as one of the key projects in Qingdao in 2020, Qingdao blue intelligent equipment project to speed up the pace of construction, workers riveting full strength "one day when two days to do", the construction site is "one day a kind". As the project contractor, Lu Kebin, project manager of Rongfa Group in Qingdao West Coast New District, said, "In order to catch up with the original construction schedule, we will rush out the 21-day construction period and strive to cap the main body of No.1 Experimental Center by the end of March and have the conditions for delivery by the end of April."


A few days ago, the reporter came to the construction site of Qingdao Blue Intelligent Equipment Project located in the Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone of Qingdao West Coast New District. Workers are hoisting steel structures and dozens of construction machines are working at the same time.

Lu Kebin told reporters that the project covers a total area of about 38.48 mu, with a total construction area of 48800 square meters. The main body consists of an experimental center, two scientific research centers and an office building. "Our construction site is mainly divided into several processes, including earthwork excavation, steel structure welding and on-site assembly, slab wall installation and outdoor municipal pipe network, roads and landscape. Box steel beams and steel columns are all industrialized manufactured by steel structure manufacturers and transported to the construction site."

The reporter saw at the scene that box-shaped steel columns had already stood up, forming a rectangular square array. Lu Kebin pointed to the steel column phalanx in front of him and said, "At present, the No.1 Experimental Center is under construction, and the welding and hoisting of steel columns and beams are being carried out. This part is also the most critical process in the on-site construction. The technicians are directing the construction on site. The 63 box-shaped steel columns are 24 meters high and 80% of the hoisting process has been completed. After the processing and capping of the enclosure wall panels, the main body is basically completed.

When the reporter asked whether there are difficulties in the current construction of the project, blocking points, steel structure subcontracting unit project leader Chen Dengfeng took over the words, "We need a total amount of steel for this project can reach 8000 tons. The total amount of steel used in the experimental center alone can reach 4000 tons, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, it is necessary to ensure that 150 tons of steel structure enter the site every day."

In the special period of epidemic prevention and control, transportation and employment conditions are important factors affecting the resumption of project work. "Our steel structure manufacturer is in Jining. In order not to delay the construction, we have started three logistics companies at the same time. All transportation arrangements are designated one week in advance and then allocated at any time according to the site conditions to ensure that there is rice in the pot '." Chen Dengfeng said.

Lu Kebin said that their original plan was to resume work on the sixth day of the first month (January 30), but due to the impact of the epidemic, they officially resumed work on February 20, which is equivalent to 21 days according to the original construction period. "In order not to delay the construction progress, our workers are now working in two shifts, one day as two days, and the management personnel are also on duty in turn. Whether it is from schedule control and coordination, safety management is ensured." "The workers work in shifts and the construction does not stop. It can be said that it is the same every day. If you come back tomorrow, you may find that there is another steel column on the construction site than today." Chen Dengfeng said with a smile. "At present, there are relatively few workers on the construction site, only about 80 people. As the process increases, the number of construction personnel in other types of work will continue to increase. Therefore, while grasping the progress and ensuring the quality, our epidemic prevention work should not be sloppy." Lv Kebin took the reporter to visit several key locations on the construction site for epidemic prevention inspections, "entrance and exit locations, face masks, temperature measurement, and disinfection are indispensable before they can enter the site. We have also set up a number of mobile posts, mainly responsible for inspection, publicity, including when eating, not to allow workers to gather together."

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Qingdao Blue Intelligent Equipment Project

Qingdao Blue Intelligent Equipment Project is located in the south of Science and Technology Road and the east of Zhushan South Road in Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone, with a total planned land area of about38.48Mu, total construction area4.8810,000 square meters, with a total investment of about3.26Billions of dollars. The project is constructed by Rongfa Group, and the construction content includes scientific research rooms, outdoor green space, roads and pipe networks. After the completion of the project, it will form a full industrial chain of underwater unmanned equipment integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales, service and support, helping the West Coast New area to develop marine economy and promote collaborative innovation.


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