Rongfa Group Supply Chain Company: Building the "Wal-Mart" of Timber Trading"

2020Year3Month20The "Qingdao West Coast News" published in Japan is concerned.Rongfa Group Supply Chain CompanyThe full text is as follows:





On March 19, the reporter walked into the Northern Timber Trading Center Park located in the Qingdao area of Shandong Free Trade Zone, and the fragrance of a variety of wood mixed came. In the venue, trucks from different provinces parked neatly, forklifts and workers shuttled back and forth, constantly loading and unloading wood, just like a wood "supermarket of your choice".




Feng Xiaojun, Deputy General Manager of Rongfa Group Supply Chain Company




"As the main operator of the park, under the premise of strict epidemic prevention and control measures, we have done a good job of supporting services to overcome the impact of the epidemic, constantly enrich our products, expand the import trade of wood chip pulp, steel and other products, and achieved a good start. As the largest timber trading center in northern China and the only timber trading center in the Qingdao area of the free trade zone, the park itself has completed a trade volume of 0.6 billion yuan since January 2020, an increase of more than 50%."





Backed by the port to facilitate more transportation to facilitate cost-saving.


Located in Huanghe Road, West Coast New District18The northern timber trading center, with unique facilities.Here is China(Shandong)The hinterland of the Qingdao area of the Pilot Free Trade Zone is only a short distance from Qianwan Port.2Kilometers.Feng Xiaojun said that the park covers an area2010,000 square meters, mainly engaged in timber import trade, warehousing, processing and logistics business, annual throughput40-50About 10,000 cubic meters, with an annual turnover of about60-70billion yuan,Average daily trading volume up2000-3000Cubic meters, about full26Festival train skins.





Feng Xiaojun, Deputy General Manager of Rongfa Group Supply Chain Company




Taking advantage of the convenient conditions of Shandong port Qingdao port and its Qianwan port area and Dongjiakou port area, timber can be imported directly for sale here, which has the advantage of logistics cost. As soon as the timber arrives at the port, it takes about 7 to 10 days to complete customs clearance, unpacking, warehousing and trading, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces costs. More than 90% of the imported pine wood in the northern market is traded here, which shows that the park has good industrial and market support.





Timber Trading Big Supermarket Income Tax Revenue Local

Feng Xiaojun told reporters that before the supply chain was built, the northern timber trading center market had only60-70Enterprises, most of which trade through Xiamen Jianfa, Xiamen International Trade, North New Building Materials, Zhejiang Products and other foreign state-owned enterprise platforms, local tax sources basically all flow into other provinces and cities.

2017Year6In January, in order to promote the resource integration of Qingdao timber industry chain and better form the aggregation effect, Rongfa Group and Qingdao Zhonglin Investment Development Co., Ltd., the chairman unit of Qingdao Timber Industry Association, jointly established a supply chain company to build the largest timber trading distribution center in the north and promote the payment of taxes.We're going to build a Walmart for the timber trade.Feng Xiaojun said.



Feng Xiaojun, Deputy General Manager of Rongfa Group Supply Chain Company





"Give full play to the capital operation advantages of local state-owned enterprises, the resource advantages of timber industry associations and the professional operation advantages of Zhonglin Investment. The original function is only equivalent to storing timber.WarehouseGradually, it has become a very cost-effective timber transaction.Big supermarket.Wood is equivalent to the goods on the shelf, with the purchase of into, very convenient.At present, the enterprises settled in the park have developed to nearly300Home. Trade through the platform of supply chain companies, and all the business income and taxes of these companies remain in the West Coast New Area."






Continuously improve the supply chain business map to accelerate the expansion.

With the continuous development of the park, the surrounding timber trade resources have been increasingly integrated and improved by the supply chain. The timber import business of the park has expanded to Shanghai, Taicang, Zhangjiagang, Xiamen, Yantian, Tianjin, Lanshan and other major domestic timber ports.




Lin Kaizong, Secretary General of Qingdao Timber Industry Association







The Northern Timber Trading Center has now developed into the largest and most standardized timber import trade park in northern China. While expanding tax sources for the West Coast New District, the entry of more and more new enterprises has also driven local consumption and employment.Established2Over the years, the supply chain company itself has accumulated trade volume.29Billions of dollars, profit2625Ten thousand yuan, paid tax3654Ten thousand yuan."









Feng Xiaojun, Deputy General Manager of Rongfa Group Supply Chain Company






In the next step, relying on the location and trade advantages of free trade zones and ports and the operation experience of the park, we plan to build the largest international commodity trading and processing industrial park in Asia, further integrate all kinds of commodity trade resources in Qingdao, attract more foreign enterprises to settle in, promote regional economic development and tax source expansion, and realize the unity of economic and social benefits. After the completion of all, is expected to achieve annual trade volume500Billions of dollars, taxes30Billions of dollars






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