Nine units of the Economic Control Group were awarded the 2019 "Qingdao Integrity Enterprise"

On the morning of December 25, 2019, the "2019 Qingdao Integrity Enterprise Awarding and Commendation Conference" jointly initiated by the Qingdao Integrity Enterprise Jury and the Qingdao Federation of Commerce was held at the Qingdao Municipal Government Conference Center. More than 300 people participated in the event. Nine units, including Rongfa Group and Kaitou Group, under the Economic Control Group, were rated as "Qingdao Integrity Enterprises" in 2019 and were awarded credit certificates. Among them, Rongfa Group, as a representative of the integrity creation enterprise unit, made a speech on the spot. This marks a new breakthrough in the credit construction of the enterprises of the Economic Control Group.


The purpose of this selection is to implement the call of the municipal party committee and municipal government to actively promote the construction of "honest Qingdao". After in-depth publicity and launch, enterprise self-recommendation and self-evaluation, recommendation of relevant departments and industry associations, preliminary evaluation and review of the jury office, jury review, and social publicity, a total of 108 enterprises were finally rated as "Qingdao honest Enterprises" in 2019 ", economic Control Group's Rongfa Group, Kaitou Group, Huaou Group, Kaitou International Trade, Kaitou Real Estate, Kaitou Property, Rongfa Life Security Company, Rongfa Municipal Company, Rongfa Property Company stand out.

Integrity is a symbol of corporate image of the mirror, is the basic information of the enterprise, comprehensive indicators, business development, credit records of the comprehensive assessment, is very important to the enterprise. In the next step, the Economic Control Group will take a high degree of responsibility, strengthen the construction of integrity education, integrate integrity theme education into daily ideals and beliefs education and the learning of the socialist core value system, continue to strengthen social responsibility and awareness of norms, and comprehensively improve the law The level of honest management, striving to be a model of an honest enterprise in the new era, and making positive contributions to the construction of an honest society.

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