Rongfa Group strengthens in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Penglai City

From December 23 to 24, 2019, at the invitation of the Penglai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Zhang Jinlou, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Economic Control Group, led a team to Penglai City for on-site inspection and docking to promote the deepening of exchanges and cooperation between Rongfa Group under the Economic Control Group and Penglai City. Penglai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Han Yaodong and Acting Mayor Li Liang accompanied the inspection and attended the symposium.

The inspection team successively inspected Penglai Brunei Tourism, artificial islands, ports, power facilities, industrial parks and other projects. Although it is a severe winter, as soon as I enter the Penglai Jinglu Shipbuilding Repair and Shipbuilding Base, I see a fiery and busy scene of repairing and building.

Since the strategic reorganization of Rongfa Ship Repair Group and Penglai Jinglu Shipbuilding in May 2019, the national collaborative innovation strategy has been implemented by means of mixed reform of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, relying on the capital operation advantages of Rongfa as a state-owned enterprise and the industry technology advantages of Jinglu Shipbuilding as a private enterprise, to speed up market-oriented operation and jointly build a ship repair base. After the strategic reorganization, Jinglu Shipbuilding Industry seized the opportunity of the recovery of the world shipbuilding industry, aimed at the international shipping market, established in-depth cooperation with international shipping companies in Greece, Singapore and other countries, and coordinated the promotion of ship repair, international trade, international shipping management, The main businesses such as financial investment and shipping industry park investment management continue to consolidate its leading position in the international market segment, while quickly releasing orders and production capacity, it has injected new impetus into the development of Penglai's real economy.

At the symposium, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on topics such as undertaking national collaborative innovation strategies, industrial park construction, clean energy development, urbanization and quality improvement, and reached a series of consensus. The two sides agreed that they will further strengthen communication, coordination and work exchanges based on complementary advantages and resource integration, continue to explore new cooperation models and working mechanisms, expand cooperation areas and scope, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and promote local economic development and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy.

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