Hualu Company Praised by New District Highway Development Center

Recently, the Highway Business Development Center affiliated to the New District Transportation Bureau sent a letter of commendation to Hualu Company, a subsidiary of Rongfa Group, thanking Hualu Company for participating in the construction of G228 Dandong Road Medium Repair Project, G342 Rifeng Road Overhaul Project and S215 Huang Da Road Overhaul Project, which are key projects of national and provincial highway medium repair projects in the new district "investment battle, the spirit of hard struggle, tenacious struggle and overcoming difficulties shown by Hualu Company in the implementation of the project is fully affirmed and praised.

The three national and provincial highways of G228 Dandong Road, G342 Rifeng Road, and S215 Huangda Road are important trunk highways for cargo transportation in the western coastal line of the West Coast New Area and Dongjiakou Port Area. They play an important role in the development and utilization of local economic and social development and tourism resources.

The letter of commendation stated that since the construction of the above-mentioned projects, Hualu Company has worked together, dutifully, and proactively to coordinate and promote the orderly development of various tasks. In the process of project construction, in the face of many difficulties such as tight construction period, heavy tasks and wide range of operations, the project departments unified their thinking, carefully organized, carried forward the fighting spirit of hard struggle, facing difficulties and overcoming difficulties, rationally allocated resources, strengthened safety and quality management, gave full play to team cohesion, and completed the construction of the main project ahead of schedule in accordance with the design requirements and node objectives, it has contributed to the smooth progress of the transportation infrastructure construction project of "investment war" in the whole region.

In the process of project implementation, Hualu Company actively cooperated with the supervision and management of the Highway Development Center of the New area, showing the fine style of tenacious struggle, daring to fight hard, and the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and shouldering heavy responsibilities, it reflects the enterprise strength and responsibility as a state-owned enterprise in the new area.
Hualu Company will take this commendation as an opportunity to continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and iron army, closely cooperate with the New District Transportation Bureau and the Highway Development Center, increase strategic cooperation with industry leaders, and continue to make positive contributions to the development of highway construction in the new district. contribution.

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