Total investment 10.8 billion! Another batch of important industrial projects are concentrated on the west coast!

Today, 11 industrial projects with a total investment of 10.8 billion yuan started in Qingdao Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone.
The projects started this time involve high-end fields such as scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, marine engineering, new energy, marine biology, life and health, underwater acoustic communications, high-end exhibitions, etc., which will add new engines to the acceleration of the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and industrial transformation and upgrading in Qingdao West Coast New area.
These projects have distinctive characteristics of collaborative innovation and industry leadership.
The national high-resolution earth observation system Qingdao innovation demonstration center project: in the field of scientific and technological innovation, the national high-resolution earth observation system Qingdao innovation demonstration center project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, focusing on the construction of a one-stop public service platform for receiving, storing, managing and distributing high-resolution satellite data, as well as high-resolution data storage center, data rapid processing center, satellite application industry incubation center, high-resolution training center, exchange center and related satellite application industry innovation platform. The high-resolution earth observation system is one of the 16 major scientific and technological projects deployed by the state, and it is a collaborative innovation project led by the State Administration of science, technology and industry for national defense.
Huaxia Tianxin Intelligent IOT Headquarters Project: In the field of high-end manufacturing, Huaxia Tianxin Intelligent IOT Headquarters Project has a total investment of 0.6 billion yuan and is invested and constructed by Huaxia Tianxin Intelligent IOT Co., Ltd. It mainly builds a comprehensive headquarters integrating "intelligent research and development center, financial center, sales, transportation management, service headquarters and intelligent high-end manufacturing" and actively develops high-tech intelligent industries, thus developing Qingdao headquarters into an industrial demonstration park for the conversion of new and old and new kinetic energy.
Huaxia Tianxin Intelligent Internet of Things Co., Ltd. is a high-tech intelligent energy industrial Internet of Things group enterprise with cutting-edge core technology. It plans to go public in the near future.
Underwater unmanned intelligent equipment industry base project: in the field of marine engineering, the underwater unmanned intelligent equipment industry base project is invested and established by Harbin Engineering University Qingdao Ship Science and Technology Park and Rongfa Group. It is mainly engaged in underwater unmanned system technology research and development, equipment production, integrated testing, maintenance and inspection, support technology, delivery training and other projects, and builds supporting industries for underwater unmanned equipment manufacturing, the formation of research and development, manufacturing, sales, service, support in one of the underwater unmanned equipment industry chain. After the project is put into production, the annual output value of the base can reach more than 0.5 billion yuan.
As one of the key functional areas of Qingdao West Coast New area, Qingdao Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone has a planned land area of 180 square kilometers and a first start-up area of 20 square kilometers. It is a "experimental field" for the in-depth development of integration and innovation. Around the landing of major projects, planning and construction of "one district and four parks", that is, the science and education innovation zone and four distinctive science and technology collaborative innovation project parks, accelerate the development of integration and innovation industry, high-end sea-related projects reached more than 200. The focus of this key project is the practice of Guzhenkou's goal of "launching a general offensive and sprinting to 20 billion.
Since the beginning of this year, the Guzhenkou Integration and Innovation Zone has launched an all-round integration offensive, organizing three key projects to start, 23 new projects, with a total investment of 30.8 billion billion yuan, and accelerating the formation of a development pattern of large science and technology, large projects, and large industries.

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