[Special Column on Civilization Creation] Good Candidates Should Live Up to Their Name


 "Chinese good people" is a bright red moral banner. From the masses to the masses, it is synonymous with positive energy and the honor given by social fairness and recognition. As role models, Chinese good people shoulder the mission of moral inheritance and must withstand the scrutiny of the public and history. Therefore, every good candidate must be full of social responsibility, adhere to the virtue of integrity, and become a veritable moral benchmark.

Good people must first set an example of trustworthiness. Honesty is the foundation of social operation, and it is also the basic quality that every good Chinese person should have. The masses around them recommend good people and good deeds around them with trust and enthusiasm.In the "list of good people in China", good candidates should stick to the bottom line of integrity in the process of accepting netizens' comments, withstand the temptation of false data, and consciously resist unfair ticket brushing. For those relatives and friends who rush to canvass votes because of emotional connection and professional ticket brushing people who strike up a conversation because of monetary interests, they should take the initiative to dissuade and severely refuse. In the face of the honor that may be "created", only by resisting the temptation can we ensure that the honor is worthy of its name, will not tarnish the conduct, and can the good words and deeds of good people stand the test and evaluation.

The list of good people in China is a big stage, allowing good people, mortal good deeds, civilian heroes, and grassroots people around them to come to the stage like stars and accept praise from the masses and society. The selected Chinese good people insist on doing good deeds in the day and push the moral boulders step by step to the top of the mountain, fully demonstrating the spiritual outlook of contemporary Chinese people, conveying the truth, goodness and beauty of the times, and making the core values of socialism visible and tangible. To guaranteeThe light of the honor of "good people in China" maintains the purity of the "list of good people in China". Relevant departments at all levels should not slack off in the process of organizing activities. They should take active actions to make up for the gaps in the rules in time, so as not to take advantage of the false information of "sword going to the front", so that fairness and righteousness can overwhelm unhealthy tendencies. (Commentary)



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