Guzhenkou Fusion Zone Science and Education Innovation Zone 5 Major Venues 5 Major Venues Construction Speed Up

Layer by layer set off the white curtain wall, the steel structure corridor is like the central nervous system, overlooking from the air, like a mighty warship moored on the ancient town mouth sea... This is the ancient town mouth university city science lecture hall under construction. On October 21, the reporter learned from Rongfa Group that the construction of five major venues in Guzhenkou University Town undertaken by the group is accelerating. The science lecture hall with the fastest construction progress has completed the construction of the main structure, and the glass curtain wall and steel structure corridor project has progressed more than half.


The construction of the five major venues includes science lecture halls, libraries, cultural centers, marine science and technology museums, and sports centers. They are the key projects of the "One District and Three Parks" investment conference in Guzhenkou. The five major venues are all located in the Science and Education Innovation Zone of Guzhenkou Fusion Zone, with a total area of 431 acres, a total investment of about 2.25 billion yuan, and a total construction area of about 230000 square meters.

At present, the construction of the main structure and the secondary structure of the science lecture hall has been completed, the glass curtain wall has been completed by 60%, and the steel structure corridor has been completed by 70%. The library completed the earth-rock excavation of the foundation pit and 70% of the hole-digging piles of the main building. The cultural center completed the foundation pit earthwork and foundation pit support, and the foundation cushion construction was completed by 60%. The main construction of the underground project of the Marine Science and Technology Museum was completed by 70%. The gymnasium in the sports center project completes the excavation and support of the underground garage foundation pit.


As a high-end shared complex, the 5 major venues are clearly positioned. Among them, the Science Lecture Hall will provide large-scale academic exchanges, catering and other services for universities such as the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Qingdao campus of Harbin Engineering University, the West Coast campus of Ocean University of China, and the Guzhenkou campus of China University of Petroleum (East China) to create a free, open and interactive Academic Center. At the same time, open operation to the society, activate public space, and provide an important guarantee for the West Coast to accelerate the introduction of high-quality higher education resources and build a new highland of science and technology and talents. The library and cultural center will be built into a literature information center, an autonomous learning center, an academic exchange center, and a cultural activity center integrating learning and research, information development, knowledge innovation and leisure experience, serving surrounding universities, opening to the society, and creating a new business card for all people on the West Coast. The Marine Science and Technology Museum will build a professional museum focusing on the popularization of marine culture, the exhibition of marine science and technology, and the promotion of marine resources protection, and become a new business card for the West Coast New area to enhance citizens' marine awareness and popularize marine knowledge.

After the completion of the five major venues, it will become a new business card of public culture in the West Coast New area, which integrates books and literature reading, cultural performances, academic exchanges, popular science exhibitions, sports and fitness, business services and other functions.



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