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Respecting the Old and Respecting the Old, Warming the Double Ninth Festival-Rongfa Group Launched the Double Ninth Festival Theme Activities


In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting and respecting the elderly of the Chinese nation, on the occasion of the Double Ninth Festival, Rongfa Group recently organized a theme activity of "our Festival Chongyang". Representatives of group party members and youth volunteers came to Shoukang Yijialingzhushan nursing home for the elderly to send them festive greetings and care.



Shoukang Yijia Lingzhushan Elderly Nursing Home is adjacent to Lingzhushan Scenic Area. It mainly provides professional care services for the disabled, mentally retarded, self-care and semi-self-care elderly. Volunteers from Rongfa Group gave them milk, fruits, daily necessities and other consolation items, accompanied the elderly to paint, play chess, practice Tai Chi, and talked with them cordially, and learned in detail about their diet, life, and health. In all aspects of the situation and needs, I wish them a long and healthy life and a happy old age.



Honoring the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. In the next step, Rongfa Group will call on all cadres and employees to carry forward the traditional virtue of respecting and loving the elderly, so that the elderly can not only feel the warmth during the festival, but also feel the deep love of the big social family at ordinary times; more practical actions should be taken to fulfill the original mission, fulfill social responsibilities, highlight the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, solve practical difficulties for the elderly, and enrich the cultural life of the elderly, help them realize the old age life of "old age, old age, old age, old age happy", hold up the happy "sunset red".



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