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Regional Labor Competition Launched in Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone


On the morning of August 30, 2019, the launching ceremony of the regional labor competition in the Qingdao Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone with the theme of "being the main force, gathering strength for a new offensive, and building a new era of meritorious service" was held at the site of the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences contracted by Rongfa Group.



This event was co-sponsored by the Management Committee of Qingdao Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone and the Qingdao West Coast New District Federation of Trade Unions, and co-organized by Rongfa Group and the four companies of China Construction Eighth Bureau. Zhou Xinguo, vice chairman of the Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions, and Chen Kefu, member of the New District CPPCC Party Group and chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions, attended the ceremony. Relevant responsible comrades of Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation District Management Committee, various departments of Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions, various districts and cities Federation of Trade Unions, Rongfa Group, China Construction Eighth Bureau and other units, as well as responsible persons and employee representatives of some participating units attended the ceremony.



Since the beginning of this year, the Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions has centered on the provincial party committee's "eight strategic layouts" decision and deployment and the municipal party committee's "15 offensives" work deployment, and united and mobilized the city's employees to carry out "being the main force, gathering new offensive, and building a new era." Themed labor competition activities. As an important part of the city's labor competition, the regional labor competition in the Qingdao Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone implements the work deployment of the provincial, municipal and new district work committees, and establishes five categories of selection work innovation results, demonstration positions, demonstration windows, winning teams, and advanced individuals. Category competition awards, deepen the theme of labor competition, innovate the form of labor competition, stimulate the enthusiasm and innovative vitality of employees, and set off an upsurge of studying technology and practicing skills, form a new pattern of labor competition work with "full participation of employees, full coverage of the scope, and overall improvement of the effect", and make positive contributions to the construction and development of the Guzhenkou Integrated Innovation Zone, and to the forefront of various undertakings in the new district and Qingdao.



After the launching ceremony, 30 employees from the construction, construction, and supervision units in the Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone participated in the on-site skill competition for three types of work: steel reinforcement, waterproof, and brick masonry. The contestants' spirit of striving for perfection, pursuing the ultimate labor spirit and craftsman spirit in the competition won the unanimous praise of the leaders and guests. After fierce competition and on-site scoring by the judges, one first prize, two second prize and three third prize were finally produced.



The venue of the launching ceremony is the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is a key construction project at the provincial and municipal levels, with a total area of 2000 mu, a total investment of 7 billion billion yuan and a total construction area of 950000 square meters. With the joint efforts and hard work of the employees of Rongfa Group and all parties involved in the construction, the construction of the main body and secondary structure of the 27 single units in the first phase has been completed and is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of 2019. The Chinese Academy of Sciences integrates the marine scientific research forces of its 13 marine scientific research institutes to promote the formation of a marine science and technology innovation center with international influence on the Shandong Peninsula.


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