New District's First State-owned Pratt & Whitney Kindergarten Open


On the morning of August 29, 2019, Qingdao Huaou Chenxi Second Kindergarten, opened by Qingdao Development Zone Investment and Construction Group (hereinafter referred to as "Kaitou Group"), a state-owned enterprise in Qingdao West Coast New District, officially opened. This is the first inclusive kindergarten invested, constructed and operated by state-owned enterprises in the new district. The opening of the park fills the gap in the participation of state-owned enterprises in inclusive preschool education in the new area, and opens up a new path for expanding the supply of preschool education resources in the new area. Relevant responsible comrades of the New District Education and Sports Bureau, Changjiang Road Sub-district Office, Kaitou Group, Huaou Group and other units attended the opening ceremony.



Qingdao Huaou Chenxi No.2 Kindergarten is located to the west of No.13 Road and north of No.14 Road in the transformation and development zone of Qingdao Development Zone. It is Haier International Information Valley Education Supporting Project. It is invested and constructed by Kaitou Group. Qingdao Huaou Chenxi Kindergarten under Kaitou Group is responsible for operation and management. The project has a total investment of 23 million yuan and a construction area of 4000 square meters, which can accommodate nearly 300 children. At present, 2 small classes and 2 middle classes have been enrolled, and it is expected that 3 years and 9 classes will be completed in September 2020.



Qingdao Huaou Chenxi Kindergarten is a two-level demonstration kindergarten in Shandong Province and Qingdao City. It has strong teachers and rich experience in early childhood teaching. In recent years, it has been rated as "Advanced Unit of Preschool Education", "Advanced Unit of Teaching and Educating" and "Education Work Advanced Unit".



In the next step, Kai Investment Group will conscientiously implement the decision and deployment of the New District Working Committee Management Committee on the reform and development of preschool education. Under the guidance of the New District Education and Sports Bureau, it will innovate the concept and method of running the park, firmly grasp the basic direction of public welfare and inclusiveness, and strengthen State-owned enterprises should take responsibility, fulfill social responsibilities, and strive to build an inclusive kindergarten with a beautiful campus environment, excellent teaching quality, and recognized by all sectors of society, and make positive contributions to the development.



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