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Rongfa Group achieves excellent results in chorus competition in new district


To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, on the afternoon of August 30, 2019, the "Me and My Motherland" chorus competition hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Working Committee of the Qingdao West Coast New District of the Communist Party of China and the Qingdao West Coast New District Culture and Tourism Bureau was held in the Yinzhu Culture and Art Center Theater in the new district. 16 choirs from the new district participated in the competition. The 60-member choir of Rongfa Group has achieved outstanding results and won the third prize and the Outstanding Organization Award.



During the competition, the Rongfa Group Choir appeared on the stage with a confident and full smile, singing two majestic and inspiring red classic songs "Singing the Motherland" and "Unity is Strength", and sang the surging enthusiasm of the group's cadres and employees. The patriotic enthusiasm of the group sang the entrepreneurial passion of the group to undertake the national strategy and realize the fission development, and won bursts of warm applause from the audience.



Since receiving the notice of the competition, Rongfa Group, its investment group and Huaou Group have attached great importance to it. With the full support of the leaders of the group and various departments, offices and subsidiaries, 60 cadres and employees were selected to form the participating team. During the rehearsal, all the members of the chorus overcame the difficulties of tight time, heavy tasks, great difficulties and busy work, carefully organized and prepared for the war. From the selection of actors to the selection of repertoire, from rehearsal discipline to rehearsal skills, they were meticulous and refined. They devoted themselves to honor, devoted themselves to rehearsal, willing to endure hardships and devote themselves silently.



This event is not only a musical feast, but also a special patriotic education, eulogizing the great changes and achievements that have taken place since the founding of New China. Through this event, Rongfa Group further demonstrated the party building brand of "Sunshine Rongfa, Dedication to Me", demonstrated the enterprise spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation, and win-win", and inspired the majority of cadres and employees to take responsibility and entrepreneurship. Motivation, to make new contributions to state-owned enterprises to the construction of a beautiful new district.

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