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A number of youth groups and individuals were commended by the New District Youth League Committee.


Recently, the Youth League Committee of Qingdao West Coast New area named and commended the "Youth Civilization" and "Outstanding Youth Post experts" in the new area in 2018-2019, and a number of youth groups and individuals of Rongfa Group and Kaitou Group were commended.


Among them, the exhibition hall of Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone under Rongfa Group won the title of "Qingdao West Coast New District Youth Civilization" in 2018-2019. Yu Bo, project manager of the engineering management department of Rongfa Group, Liu Peng, secretary of the Youth League Committee of Kaitou Group, minister of legal audit department and instructor of rural revitalization, and Liu Xinru, commentator of the exhibition hall of Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone, won the title of "Outstanding Youth Post Expert in Qingdao West Coast New District" 2018-2019.


New District Youth Civilization Qingdao Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone Exhibition Hall


Yu Bo, an outstanding young post expert in the new district


New District Outstanding Youth Post Expert Liu Peng


New District Outstanding Youth Post Expert Liu Xinlu


For a long time, Rongfa Group has attached great importance to youth work, insisted on party building and team building, and always put youth ideological and political guidance and ideal and belief education in a pivotal position, and guided the majority of young employees to carry forward the party building brand of "Sunshine Fusion, Dedication and Me". Practicing the corporate spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation, and win-win", working hard and making contributions in key projects, major activities, important tasks, it shows the new deeds, new skills and new image of young workers in state-owned enterprises.


In the next step, Rongfa Group will closely focus on the work of the New District Working Committee Management Committee, continue to deepen the creation activities of "Youth Civilization" and "Youth Post Expert", and call on the majority of young employees to follow the example of advanced demonstrations and base themselves on their positions and work practices., To inspire the spirit of the new district, try first, do good things first, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of an open, modern, vigorous, fashionable and safe new district.




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