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Party Building and Joint Construction at the Grassroots Level Complementary Advantages Add Vitality


In order to strengthen the study and exchange of party building in enterprises and jointly improve the level of party building work, on May 24, 2019, the property Development Party Branch of Rongfa Group and the Qingdao Metro Cultural Media Party Branch held a branch joint construction activity.



The two parties signed an agreement on the joint construction of party branches. Based on the principle of "complementary advantages and seeking common development", they will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in organizational construction, resource sharing, and team building, and fully stimulate the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of party members., Continuously enhance the cohesion, combat effectiveness and appeal of the branch, transform the vitality of grassroots party building into a driving force for the development of enterprises, and better serve the overall development of the new district.



Before the signing ceremony, party members of the two branches visited the Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone Exhibition Hall, Navy Park, Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fusion Jiayuan and other key projects undertaken by Rongfa Group.



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