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National Security Education Day, Fusion in Action


April 15, 2019 is the fourth National Security Education Day. In order to further enhance the national security awareness of cadres and employees and build a people's defense line for safeguarding national security, Rongfa Group organized more than 160 cadres and employees to carry out a special examination of national security knowledge.



This examination takes the National Security Law, the Cyber Security Law, the Anti-Terrorism Law, the Nuclear Security Law and other national security education series of laws and regulations as the main test content, and implements a centralized paper-based answer method. Let cadres and employees learn through examinations, continuously increase their awareness of security and prevention, and enhance their ability to protect network and information security.


Rongfa Group insists on taking the answering activities as an important part of the "National Security Education Day for all people", creating a social atmosphere of "national security and everyone's responsibility" throughout the group, and firmly determined to safeguard national security.



Below, together weUnderstand

safeguard national security 8 No. 







National security is closely related to the lives of each of us. To maintain national security, have you done these 8 "no?


Photos are not arbitrary. You can't take photos without permission in military bases, military ports and other places, let alone share photos of military training, weapons and equipment, and military uniforms in the circle of friends.



Teams don't plug in at will. When driving out, when encountering a convoy of military vehicles passing by, do not interject the convoy, let alone track and shoot.


Work is not done blindly. Do not have the possibility of divulging state secrets at work, such as providing internal information that has not yet been made public by secret-related units, or taking military-related photos at work for profit.



Computer inside and outside the network does not mix. Do not use wireless network card, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and other wireless devices and storage media of external units on the intranet dedicated computer, and remember to update antivirus software in time!



The suitcase is not loaded at random. Do not contain foreign fruits and vegetables in the suitcase, do not bring back foreign soil, and do not bring back animal specimens... because these may pose a threat to national ecological security.



Things are not bought and sold casually. Do not illegally buy or sell special spy equipment such as satellite data receiving cards, wireless camera pens, real-time video wireless monitors, GPS tracking locators, keychain clasps, etc.



Information is not transmitted illegally. Do not participate in the publication and dissemination of political illegal publications, do not use e-mail, electronic forums and other network communication channels to beautify Western society and slander the image of our country.



Find suspicious clues do not hide. Any organization or individual who discovers any situation or clue endangering national security can call the "12339" reporting telephone number of the national security organ to report.


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