Yinjihe District Reconstruction Project Starts Foundation Laying



On April 16, 2019, the foundation laying ceremony of the old village reconstruction project in yinjiahe area was held ceremoniously. Lu Yujun, Deputy Secretary of the Qingdao Development Zone Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee, Deng Lin, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the New District People's Congress, Li Jinguo, Deputy District Mayor of the District Government, Zhang Wenxiao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the New District CPPCC, Qingdao Development Zone Working Committee Management Committee Members, relevant departments of the new district, Xin'an Street, Lingzhushan Street, relevant departments of the development zone, and the main responsible comrades of the development group, representatives of the relevant news media witnessed the foundation laying ceremony.



At present, the reconstruction project of old villages in yinjiahe district is the project with the largest number and volume of villages in the west coast new district. the total planning of the area is 7.3 square kilometers, with a total investment of about 20.8 billion yuan, involving 10 villages in lingzhushan and Xin 'an streets. The project is promoted by Qingdao Development Zone as a whole, and the development and construction group is responsible for the development and construction. It adopts the government led and market-oriented operation mode. It is a major livelihood project to strengthen the organic renewal of the city and promote the improvement of urban quality in accordance with the requirements of promoting high-quality development and creating a high quality life.



The new Yinjiahe area is based on the original ecology. The public service facilities will be more complete and the industrial development environment will be more prominent. There are seven functional areas planned: Huanghe Road Modern Comprehensive Service Center, Waterfront Science and Technology Center, Dynamic Residential Group, Ecological Livable Group, Mixed Function Group, Village Resettlement Group and Leisure and Recreation Group, highlighting the concept of smart city. Kindergartens, schools, hospitals, cultural and sports centers, etc, planning to set up subway station and transportation hub.


The acceleration of the implementation of the Yinjiahe area reconstruction project in Qingdao Development Zone is to comply with the people's yearning for a better life, improve the people's livable environment, optimize the development environment, and promote economic growth. It is a vivid manifestation of the "offensive" launched by the new district. It is of great significance for the new district to implement the rural revitalization strategy, coordinate urban and rural development, and accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, it will speed up the construction of a beautiful new area with military and civilian happiness, cadre pride and aspiration, and contribute to the construction of an open, modern, dynamic and fashionable international metropolis in Qingdao!


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