Kai Investment Group was the first to be approved as a corporate lawyer among state-owned enterprises in the new district.

Recently, with the examination and approval of the Department of Justice of Shandong Province, Kaitou Group was approved as a company lawyer, becoming the first state-owned enterprise in the West Coast New area to be qualified. With the approval of the qualification of corporate lawyers, the lawyer industry in the new area has added new members of "corporate lawyers" on the basis of social lawyers and public lawyers, marking that the construction of the legal security system for enterprises in the new area has entered a new stage. it plays an important role and practical significance in promoting the legalization of state-owned enterprises in the new area.


The first is to promote the operation of enterprises in accordance with the law and improve the level of operation and management of enterprises in accordance with the law.Through deep participation in various business affairs of the company, the company's lawyers directly introduce legal services into the company's decision-making level, so as to participate in the company's major decisions and provide high-quality and efficient legal service activities to the company they work.


Second, it helps to prevent transaction risks, reduce the transaction costs of market entities, and promote the orderly conduct of economic activities in accordance with the law.Company lawyers provide various legal services and various economic policies and legal information to enterprises through their professional knowledge, participate in business decision-making, communicate investment and transactions, effectively promote the normal activities of market entities within the scope permitted by market economy laws, and provide predictive opinions on decision-making risks from the legal aspect.


Third, it helps to align with world-wide practices.Many large multinational companies have specialized corporate lawyers engaged in legal affairs for enterprises, in the trend of economic globalization, the role of corporate lawyers is becoming more and more prominent, in today's international trade negotiations and international economic disputes, corporate lawyers have become an indispensable and important role.



Since its establishment in 2017, Kaitou Group has formed unique business characteristics and development trajectory, and the Group attaches great importance to legal work.



In the next step, Kai Investment Group will take the approval of the company's lawyer qualification as an opportunity to continue to standardize the work flow of legal affairs, improve the legal risk prevention mechanism, promote enterprises to operate in accordance with the law, and help prevent transaction risks. give full play to the natural advantages of company lawyers in providing company legal affairs, and contribute new strength to the construction of a new area ruled by law.

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