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Guests of China Construction First Bureau visited Wangtai New Knetic Energy Industry Base


On March 7, 2019, Lu Yujun, deputy secretary of the working committee and director of the management committee of Qingdao Development Zone, met with Chen Lei, general manager of the investment and operation company of China Construction First Bureau, and his party at the Wangtai new kinetic energy industrial base. Zhao Gao, member of the Development Zone Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee, attended the meeting, and the main responsible comrades of the Development Zone Economic Development Bureau, Planning and Construction Bureau, and Kaitou Group accompanied the meeting.


Lu Yujun welcomed Chen Lei and his party and introduced the development of Qingdao Development Zone. He said that the Wangtai new kinetic energy industrial base has obvious location advantages and superior traffic conditions. The development zone's entry into the Wangtai new kinetic energy industrial base is a major strategic deployment made by the West Coast New Area Working Committee. At present, around the Wangtai new kinetic energy industrial base, the development zone is speeding up the promotion of "double recruitment and double introduction", tackling key infrastructure construction, and building a new urban area in the north. It is hoped that China Construction First Bureau can seize the historical opportunity, give full play to its own advantages, and integrate into the development and construction of Wangtai new kinetic energy industrial base.



The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges around the planning of Wangtai's new kinetic energy industrial base and the transformation of villages, combed the cooperation path and discussed the cooperation mode. The two sides look forward to further strengthening communication and contacts, deepening cooperation areas, and promoting win-win development between the two sides.


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