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Feelings of difficult employees, to create a temperature of the enterprise

It is the Spring Festival of another year, and it is the most warm and cold time. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Rongfa Group and Kaitou Group organized activities to visit and sympathize with employees in difficulties, and sent them holiday greetings and deep care from the corporate family.


On January 30, 2019, Party Secretary and Chairman Zhang Jinlou led the group trade union and the main responsible comrades of the Huaou Group Party Committee to come to the homes of employees with living difficulties and the hospitals where the employees who were poor due to illness were located to have a cordial conversation with them. Learn about their family, life and physical conditions in detail, sincerely thank them for their contributions to the development of the company, and encourage them to cheer up, strengthen their confidence, and face life optimistically, in case of difficulties, report to the group in time and rely on the organization to solve them. While sending condolences and gifts, I wish them a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.



Zhang Jinlou requested that the group's party committee, trade unions, and grassroots party and mass organizations at all levels increase their care and assistance for employees in difficulties, and timely pass warmth to their hearts, so that everyone can share the group's reform and development dividends and build a warm enterprise.


Other members of the group's leadership team led a team to visit the families of workers in difficulty. Words full of true feelings, greetings and family-like care, such as the warm spring breeze, warm every family in need. They have expressed that they will strengthen their confidence in life, actively overcome difficulties, and make life better with the care and support of the group family.


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